Saturday, May 12, 2018

High Road Malt Shop Sundae Ice Cream

[By Nick] 6 years, I’ve been writing about ice cream for 6 years. Sure, it’s not in the same capacity as I used to but it’s still astonishing to say the least. Without Dubba, none of this would’ve even been possible. I went from some kid talking to him daily about new products on the market to (in my eyes) one of his best friends (or annoyances). Of course without you all, this site wouldn’t have even existed in the first place. So thank you all for your continued support not just for me but for Dubba, On Second Scoop and the frozen dessert world as a whole.

Recently High Road sent me a care package out of the blue with a bunch of their new products. I’ll never complain about free ice cream. Sadly, half the container died in transit. Thankfully, the one flavor that stood out the most to me survived the trek.

High Road Malt Shop Sundae Ice Cream
Malted Sweet Cream, Jammy Cherries, Praline Peanuts, Caramel Fudge

While it seems like a lot is going on here, it’s really not. This one has all your traditional sundae components just a bit fancied up.

The first time I ever tried High Road, I had a bum pint. The texture just wasn’t what I was hoping for. Thankfully this is a different experience. The ice cream is rich, creamy and everything you’d want in a super premium brand.

The flavor of the base is way more sweet cream than it is malt. It’s very milky with the right amount of sweetness. On its own, it’s hard to detect the malt's presence and with the mix-ins, it completely disappears. Which is definitely a shame because I love the depth of flavor malt adds to a product.

The caramel fudge is just as advertised. The consistency is thick like fudge but gooey like caramel. The fudge is very rich and decadent and the caramel component helps to sweeten things up and push it over the top. You get the best of both world with this swirl. It’s up there as one of my favorite swirls to date.

The praline peanuts are just that. If you’ve had one praline peanut, you’ve had them all. Not a bad thing by any means and they go wonderfully with the caramel fudge swirl and the base doesn’t dilute their flavor. They’re amply spread out throughout the pint, adding a crunch to most bites. I’d prefer them broken up instead of whole so they would be more evenly distributed though.

Sadly the jammy cherries don’t share the same positives as the peanuts did. The jammy cherries are completely lost in the shuffle of this pint. With everything else going on, their flavor gets overpowered too easily. You’re only left with a chewy texture to change things up a little.

All in all, this is a solid flavor. Sure a couple of components aren’t how I’d personallyh prefer them, however, the components that do work outweigh the negative parts. Is it worth seeking out? No, not really. However if you do see it, I’d say it’s worth a pick up.

Verdict?  Malt flavor needs to be amplified
Buy Again?  I’d consider it for that swirl

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