Thursday, May 10, 2018

Blue Bunny Cinnamon Cereal Mini Swirls

[2018 only] Hey, guess which company has a new PR person? Wells! aka our old friends at Blue Bunny are finally are friends again. It was weird to finally get an email from Wells again since the last rep had zero interest in talking to me ever. The original rep I first dealt with was great with samples and answering questions and hopefully we can get back to that again. Ok, you probably don't care about that, what you do care about is what's new and for that we've got free samples of the two new mini swirls and the four new bunny snacks. Of all the new Blue Bunny stuff, nay of all the new stuff in general this year, this one was easily near the top of my to-do list:

Blue Bunny Cinnamon Cereal Mini Swirls
cinnamon cereal flavored reduced fat ice cream dipped in a vanilla flavored coating
topped with cinnamon cereal pieces all inside a cinnamon cone

The treat isn't nearly as big the wrapper suggests.

See those delicious looking crumbs up on top there? Yeah, they are indeed pretty delicious. They are also pretty crunchy and you know I love my crunch. With every bite I was thinking I wanted to just eat the whole box. Oh how I love my crunchy cereal, and now it's on top of an ice cream cone.

There's a funky coating up top too. It says it's just vanilla flavored but when mixed with the cinnamon cereal it comes together with a neat sweat pop to it. I continue on to the crunchy cone. I love crunchy cones.

Yeah, this photo didn't work so well. Sorry about that.

And then it's gone. My only mild critique is that the cinnamon flavored ice cream does have a little kick to it. By that final bite, it has built up a little bit of something to it. I won't call it fireball kick, but I'll need another cone or two to try and quantify how it tastes.

I'm going to call that a great first impression.

On Second Scoop: As I am enjoying my second cone, I think hard about the background taste that is building up, and then it hits me, holiday spice! This feels like some kind of  Christmas time flavor, but which one in particular. Egg nog? No, but close.... wait, I have it, gingerbread! My brain is totally being tricked in to thinking about gingerbread as I finish up this nice crunchy cone. Geez, I wonder how the third cone will go. --- the third cone was delicious ofcourse. no overthinking the flavor this time, just enjoying it. love love love the crumb top on this one, it's totally my style. --- the 4th through 7th cone were eaten for breakfast (individually, not together). Maybe I should say inhaled, not eaten --- 8th cone is the one you see sliced above  :)

Verdict?  #funfactor
Buy Again?  I already need another box 'cause the first box is gone

Allergy Note: May contain peanuts


Bagels said...

Those really look good! Hopefully I can find them by me as not all the stores carry a full line of Blue Bunny things.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't related to this specific product
but Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean Ice Cream has had the
natural vanilla extract removed and in it's place they started using
"Vanilla Flavor" I tasted this revised version and the flavor is so dull, and muted. I called BB customer service and complained about it and she said they would speak to their marketing department about it.
I wonder if you might inquire about this change...there have to be many unhappy customers, I know I won't be buying this any more since they changed it and ruined a great all natural ice cream. VERY SAD!

Dubba Scoops said...

Short Answer (without even asking): $ $ $ $ $

Companies need to either raise prices or skimp on ingredients, and as you probably noticed, the price of ice cream (in general) hasn't changed a ton.

I'm sorry they ruined it on you.

Me said...

The price of real vanilla has skyrocketed like 500% - 600% over the past year due to shortages. I can't say for sure that BB will ever revert to the real thing, but surely the prices will come down eventually.

Anonymous said...

@Dubba Scoops:

Thanks for the reply!

I understand that factor, but I think that the reason many or most people bought it was
because of how simple and natural it was, many of the folks that bought that flavor are
ingredient label readers and they'll stop buying too. So while BB may save a few pennies on each tub of ice cream, they're going to lose a lot more in lost sales.

Although I didn't get the time to mention to the BB customer rep, I wanted to tell them that
I'm willing to pay a bit more for the increase in cost of ingredients as are most folks that buy this specific flavor of their ice cream. Maybe they'll change their mind on this one.
I don't see why it is that hard to just bump up the price for a specific flavor, but who knows.

Thanks again friend for responding! I enjoy your site!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that information, so it makes more sense they might try and use artificial vanilla flavor...however with this specific flavor most of the consumers are pretty picky and do read the ingredient labels and many folks have been very loyal to this flavor because of the fact that the ingredients were all natural and of course the product tasted amazingly good.

BB is going to lose many of those buyers because of that change, so the question is was it worth it to delete the natural vanilla extract if they lose most of the buyers?

BB should have just increased the price of that flavor to account for the increase in the price of vanilla and most buyers would have gladly paid it. Now it's too late for that most likely. Heck if they felt they needed to communicate with consumers they should have put out a tweet or fb comment on the matter, if a company explains a price increase without changing the quality or ingredients of the product many buyers will continue to purchase the items.

But again thanks for commenting, Me.