Sunday, April 22, 2018

Perry's Malt Shoppe Ice Cream

[New for 2018] Time for another of the 100th year classic flavors that was sent over as a free sample by the nice folks behind Perry's ice cream.

Perry's Malt Shoppe Ice Cream
malted vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips

Sounds simple, looks simple, but how will it taste? 

Well, it will taste like a malted milk ball ofcourse! This totally tastes like Whoppers without the chocolate shell. I assumed I would like this to at least some degree and I do. What I wasn't expecting is how much my daughter likes this one. I do pick up a chocolate malt flavor on occasion but I'm always the one who eats it. This time, she's been having a grand old time mixing in various chocolate components like Nesquik and Oreos. I approve ofcourse.

So yeah, it tastes like the inside of a malted milk ball and there's not a whole lot to say other than that. It's just simple and to the point and just surprisingly effective. (I say it that way because "malt" does kind of have that old school persona to it, but to me it's always been more of a lost classic). Thumbs up Perry's.

On Second Scoop: The fun thing here is that this is a fun base for anything. You can eat it straight for a simple snack, or go nutty with options. Tonight I mixed it with some chocolate chocolate chip ice cream and it hit the spot. I think I'm going to be sad when this one is gone (which will probably be tomorrow)

Verdict?  simple yet effective
Buy Again?  yup!


Unknown said...

Delicious malted ice cream 👌

Unknown said...

vanilla malted is the absolute best! now, my stores are no longer selling it. I'm truly bummed out because I WANT MORE!