Saturday, June 24, 2017

Friendlys Forbidden Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae

[New for 2017] If there's one thing I've realized about this signature sundae series from Friendly's, it's that people really dig them on instagram. HA! But seriously, these are a pretty economical to rock a treat that brings the #funfactor. Let's see how this one lines up with the others.

Friendlys Forbidden Chocolate Fudge Brownie Signature Sundae
forbidden chocolate ice cream with fudge, topped with more fudge,
whipped topping and brownie pieces

Sorry, I was so hungry that I took a few bites already. Actually, sorry for the bad photo too while I'm at it. I should have taken it some place sunny but I was just so hungry.

Ok, this one is surprisingly dark. I tend to pick on the lower quality of the ice cream in this signature series lineup, but it's the darkness that is taking up all the attention right now. I want to say it's a bit much and that it could use something to keep it in check, but at the same time you have to admire the potent combo here.

And by combo, I want to emphasize the neat brownie chunks here. They are fairly standard faire, but the fact that they are plentiful and on top just adds a neat depth to the whole experience. Frozen brownie chunks can lose that flavor pop but not so much when they can quickly defrost on top here. Overall it was easy to inhale a quarter of this container without even trying.

Ok, belly full of chocolate, time to go home. Talk tomorrow.

On Second Scoop: The third serving almost became the final serving because this one is pretty easy to inhale. I still think the sauce is tweaked a bit too strong, but the dark chocolate ice cream just really clicks with the brownie chunks and a bit of sauce and whipped topping in every bite. There's actually a puddle of extra sauce on the bottom of this one because I've been trying not to get too much of it on my spoon. You do need a bit, just not a ton. I really am digging these new 28oz size sundae containers. Fun times Friendlys.

FYI: There was still a big puddle of sauce at the bottom by the time I finished.

Verdict?  good combo, just a smidge off
Buy Again?  yeah


Chloe said...

I picked this up for my son today. He loves anything chocolate, the more chocolate the better. This didn't disappoint. He says it's even better than B&J Chocolate Therapy, which was his previous favorite. I am trying to explain to him the difference in quality between Friendly's and Ben and Jerry's but the fact that this had WHIPPED CREAM on top won him over.

Dubba Scoops said...

HA! Too funny!