Friday, May 5, 2017

Talenti Cinnamon Peach Biscuit Gelato #44

[2017-2018] So there are four new Talenti flavors this year, #44 through #47, but instead of 44 popping up with the rest of the new flavors, it patiently waited for the formerly Publix exclusive Peach Butter Biscuit to be distributed around the country first. Technically #43 came out after 38-42 last year, so maybe that's just the way Talenti likes to tease consumers.

Talenti Cinnamon Peach Biscuit Gelato #44
cinnamon sugar gelato with peach butter swirl and crunchy cookie pieces

Sure looks like the Publix flavor. I take a few bites and my first impression is that it's definitely more cinnamon and less peach than the "original" version as I want to call it. As I try to take my time and analyze it, I can't help but wonder if the cinnamon has the slightest bit of bite to it.... but then that thought fades away.

The cinnamon isn't the only thing that fades away as the peach swirl fades away as well. Like so many other recent Talenti flavors, you can't help but think that we used to get a lot more swirl and mix-ins in our pints. It's still a good product, but the peach faded to almost nothing for the majority of the first half of this pint. That's not a good thing when peach is part of the name.

The small biscuit bits were fine. I expected them to be harder but I'm guessing their freshness helps deliver the texture that Talenti intended. They don't really add any flavor or sugar bursts, but their presence is enjoyable nonetheless.

Overall I like the flavor on it's own but peach biscuit it's not, well, not enough anyway. I worry that a lot of people will be disappointed. I'd be more disappointed but I got a bit of swirl on my last few bites which helped me from being completely negative here. These are the moments when I wish Talenti was still a small company and not run by the giant conglomerate Unilever.

On Second Scoop: So I've been using instagram as a way to preview what's coming up on the blog, and when I posted my first shot of this flavor on Wednesday, somebody tagged Talenti in the comments. To my surprise, Talenti chimed in and said they had already received feedback on this flavor and increased the amount of swirl in the pint. I have not changed the first scooping review, but know that the pint that you pick up should have more swirl (or if you already picked it up, you too may have gotten an early batch).

Verdict?  tasty even with the lack of peach on the early runs
Buy Again?  probably(?)


Anonymous said...

I felt like the cinnamon overwhelmed the peach. Maybe not "overwhelmed", but the cinnamon while not strong, was mostly what I noticed. Not sure if simply more peach swirls would have remedied that to be honest.

Liked the original Peach Butter Biscuit much better. They had it in the northeast here briefly.

ibagoalie said...

Yea, I thought it was too 'tame'. Given that they have increased the swirl, I might give it another chance later this summer. You are right though, there used to be more mix ins before the take over.