Sunday, May 21, 2017

Friendly's All Natural Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

[New for 2017] Alright, time to push a review to the front of the line because a few of you have been asking me how this new "Naturally" Friendly's line is. Well, it's terrible. I'm not holding back here because there is no reason for it's terrible texture. This will be the only Naturally flavor I review this year. Yes, I really think it's that undeserving of your attention.

Naturally Friendly's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
peppermint ice cream and semisweet chocolate chips

I think Friendly's is jealous of Turkey Hill's all natural line up. Their eight flavor offering is basically a copy of Turkey Hill's (before TH's more recent additions anyway). The problem is that Friendly's threw in a bunch of stabilizers while Turkey Hill uses none. I really hope that I'm not the only who will let Friendly's know that their downgrade in texture and quality is not appreciated.

It looks similar to TH except for less chips. It also scoops differently. Let's taste... and it's a gummy mess. Uggg. You know what Friendlys? [redacted] You totally missed the point of all natural. I do not like this trend of companies throwing out these so called natural or organic ice creams that are nothing like the ice cream of the old days.

If you stick to the quickly melting edges, it's something akin to mint soft serve... well, rubbery mint soft serve. The texture is way more in line with Blue Bunny's Mint Cookie Crunch than it is the TH version.

Look, it's not tragically bad, but it is annoying me very much. I'm so sick of "ice cream" companies thinking I want a gummy mess. Gummy is not the same as creamy. You can't fake creamy. Sure it has a longer shelf life and it's not an icy, crystal-y mess, but I don't care. This is not what I want.

If you are still with me, the mint flavor is fairly constrained (aka pretty mild), so nothing crazy. Chips are fine I guess. It's pretty tame all around, just not remotely what I was expecting texture wise.

On Second Scoop: I had a second scoop that was pretty annoying, but I decided to have a big third scooping before posting this review today. Like I said, this ice cream isn't tragically bad flavor wise or product wise. My immense frustration comes from a product that implies it's old school ice cream when it's anything but that. Hey, if you love the new world of gummy "ice cream", go ahead and try this mild mint ice cream. If you an old curmudgeon like me, just keep on walking.

Verdict?  SO GUMMY
Buy Again?  NO CHANCE


Danielle said...

I'm so glad I read your review before purchase. It's also a higher price point compared to Friendly's standard brand, and doesn't go on sale when that does, so now I'm really glad I didn't shell out the extra $$

Anonymous said...

I agree. I tried the Vanilla and Chocolate and the flavor was very weak in comparison to the Turkey Hill Natural line. I also did not like the texture of this ice cream. There is no reason to buy this when the Turkey Hill is so much better. Sadly none will ever match the Breyers of yesteryear!

Anonymous said...

The core Friendly ice cream products are superior in taste and texture and half the price. Having tasted two of the "new natural" flavors, there is no comparison to the standard product line. I am only happy that our local supermarket was featuring Friendly's all Natural flavors at the same price as the regular Friendly brand this week. The extra $$$$ for the Natural brand is totally out of line with all the other products and brands available on the shelf.