Sunday, June 5, 2016

Turkey Hill Blackberry Swirl Ice Cream

[New for 2016, discontinued] Dear grocery stores, why are you not carrying the new Turkey Hill all natural flavors yet? Come on now, it's June already! There are now 16 flavors in all and I need more of them in my freezer. Ok, technically I saw the vanilla peanut butter on my last trip to Market Basket, but come now.... no? Well fine, time to make an ice cream run to Wegman's then and grab...

Turkey Hill Blackberry Swirl Ice Cream
blackberry ice cream swirled with vanilla ice cream

The purple side looks like most black raspberry flavors.

So the first scooping technically went in to my fruity crisp Oreo sundae here. There weren't a lot of bites not covered with Oreo or crushed cereal but I did have two thoughts. One, I so love the texture of this ice cream. Two, it feels like forever since I've had this flavor in this texture of ice cream (mainstream but not too dense).

My first true sampling comes several hours after the making of the sundae (I did mention my fondness for a serving of all natural Turkey Hill before bed during the last Nosh Show). First off, let me thank Turkey Hill for adding back some fruity fun to their all natural line up (it's been three years!). This will sound dumb, but this lineup has basically become my sanctuary from the madness that is the world of food and social media right now. Everyone has an angle right now. Whether it's lower quality ingredients or impractical mix-ins or whatever else to get your attention, I need the simplicity that is this lineup right now. It's my reset point, my eye of the hurricane, whatever you want to call it. Ok, sorry for the tangent, back to the ice cream.

So, fruity flavor for the win. I'm a little surprised they went with a swirl rather than a straight up blackberry flavor because that would be my personal preference. This still works nice though. It's more mild this way, you'll pick up the milky notes a bit more this way, but it's still really nice and I really enjoyed my serving. This isn't some tart pick me up, this is a mellow moment of relaxation... do I ever talk about ice cream in normal terms any more? Or maybe I'm just a little exhausted from a nice day with friends in the New Hampshire sun.

On Second Scoop: Oh geez, I think I can already see the bottom of this container. I'm sure those of you who prefer a heavy dose of mix-ins are wondering why I'm so ga-ga over this, but it's perfection in simplicity. I should probably point out that there isn't a huge flavoring difference from bite to bite. You might expect it with a swirled flavor, but I'm just not noticing it (I didn't notice any straight vanilla bites until I got two or three at the very bottom of the container). I just love the clarity of it. Straight forward, easy melting, not too strong or tart. The only thing I would change is how readily available it is because I'm going to need several more of these to get through the summer. So, if you like simple and you like a nice black raspberry type flavor, please give this a try.

Verdict?  hitting the spot!
Buy Again?  ofcourse!


  1. That's a pretty impressive ingredients list for a non-organic brand. Just milk, cream, sugar, and the fruit. And no eggs I see and no stabilizers, thickeners, or any other chemical junk. I would say this is a good line though Im still about the organic these days and am currently really into Straus. Haagen Dazs is another one that follows basic ingredients for some flavors.

  2. Proves that simple and all natural is still a viable option.

  3. BlackBerry swirl is amazing I love it unfortunately my local Weis quit carrying it 😭 I have no idea why it sold good!!!


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