Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ben & Jerry's Pecan Sticky Buns Ice Cream

[New for 2016, Exclusive to Walmart] So about every three months now, Walmart scores themselves another Ben & Jerry's exclusive. I finally tried Peanut Butter & Cookies just a few weeks ago, and here we are already digging in to...

Ben & Jerry's Pecan Sticky Buns Ice Cream
buttery brown sugar ice cream with pecans, sticky bun dough
and a cream cheese frosting swirl

I'm not sure what to aim for first, swirl or pecan or dough.... mmmmm, the dough is nice and sweet, no complaints there. The pecan is, well, a pecan. There is an underlying cream cheese flavor to every bite (though it's mild so far).

I take a big bite, sticky bun dough and all, and I like it. It's a nice sweet flavor and I always enjoy those. Let me get another bite with dough and pecans.... mmmmm, #funfactor.

Whoa, those are some big pecans. I don't eat a lot of pecans, but these seem like quality/fresh ones. For me, sometimes butter pecan flavors can be a little overbearing, especially when rocking a heavy salt vibe, but this is cool. It feels fun, it feels fresh, and it feels unique.

Pecans may not be everybody's thing, and you may not necessarily think cream cheese on your sticky buns, but man I could easily plow through this sweet pint. I keep getting these blasts of sugary goodness and it's really enjoyable. I'm kind of surprised this is an exclusive flavor, it could definitely hold it's on in the main line up.

I'm not really sure what you would complain about on this one unless you find it too sweet. Obviously if you don't like butter pecan ice cream, don't pick this up. But if you love ice cream and love pecan sprinkled sticky buns, I say go for it.

On Second Scoop: Man, if this wasn't 300 calories a serving I so would have destroyed it in one serving, I just enjoy it's sweetness and diversity that much. I think this is such a winner that I would love to see like a companion walnut brownie flavor to go with it or some other neat trick where they mix dough bits with nut bits. What would you want to see?

Verdict?  excellent
Buy Again?  yup

note: also contains peanut oil


Anonymous said...

I loved this, so thick and the dough chunks were perfect.

Only thing keeping this out of my top 3 B&J's available right now is the actual pecans. Take them out or make them sugary praline pecans. Perfectly good junk food and they had to go put healthy %^#& in it :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe they don't want it in the lineup permanently because it would compete against Cinnamon Buns and they would rather have just one main flavor like this.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Stride: hmmm, yeah, I guess they are kind of similar, but I think it's sweet (and pecan-y) enough to both be in the lineup

Anonymous said...

I loved this as well. I wished for a few more mix-ins in my pint, but it was good enough I purchased two additional pints to have on hand!

Jenefer! said...

I would've loved to try this but I'm very anti cream cheese. I did try their new dairy free "ice cream" aka frozen caramel fudge. Was not pleasant. I'm waiting for Empower-mint flavor. Sadly, most of their "limited" flavors are ones that I'm not too fond of....although schweddy balls was pretty dang good

serpico009 said...

I'd want to see this available everywhere so I don't have to subject myself to Wal-Mart. It's so depressing that I have to eat the whole pint in the parking lot to cheer up.

This flavor is great, btw.

Unknown said...

The best!! That much goodness in a small container 😊😊😊

Unknown said...

Favorite flavor in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please keep forever!!

Unknown said...

Tried it for the first time.....I'm on love. I have 2 spoonfuls everyday until it's gone.

Anonymous said...

Just found this at Walmart & it was delicious! The buttery brown sugar base was unique compared to the vanilla & chocolate bases they usually use, the cream cheese complemented the base, & there was a lot of sticky bun pieces.