Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter & Cookies Ice Cream

[By Nick, New for 2016] While Dubba has been able to find both the new Ben & Jerry's cores and their new vegan line, I was finally able to find something new from them as well!

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter & Cookies Ice Cream
Sweet Cream Ice Cream
with Chocolate Sandwich Cookies & a Crunchy Peanut Butter Swirl

What we have here is the latest exclusive to good old Wal-Mart. Now I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure I pitched this flavor combo to one of the flavor gurus while I was in Vermont last year. I mean, it sounds like something I'd want made at least. There's their wonderful sweet cream ice cream, their perfect crunchy peanut butter swirl and of course the classic chocolate sandwich cookies. On paper, this one has a lot going in its favor.

The looks aren't all that impressive to be honest. I mean, it looks like cookies and cream with a slight peanut butter swirl. Not so shockingly, that's how it tastes.

The sweet cream base is a sleeper in B&J's arsenal. It's a shame they don't use it more. It's sweet milkiness just goes so well with mix-ins, expecially the cookies. With those two combined, this one makes for a delicious classic cookies & cream. It has the flavor of milk dunked oreos and what can you hate about that? Nothing, that's what.

Where I was disappointed with this one was the crunchy peanut butter swirl. There's needs to be more of it, way more. The peanut butter flavor isn't too consistent. Some bites you'll get a decent amount of flavor with the rest of the ice cream but others you'll get none. With everything combined, this ice cream is one of Ben & Jerry's best. The swirl adds a nutty, saltiness that works with the sweetness of the base and the slight bittery cocoa flavor from the cookies. It's just the bites with no peanut butter are too frequent.

If this had more peanut butter, I could see it locking a spot in my Top 3. As is, I'd say it's one of the better store exclusives and possibly in my Top 15. I'll have to get another pint and see if there's a better peanut butter quanity in it. If you've tried it, I'd love to hear about you experience in the comments!

Verdict?  Cookies and Cream with a hint of peanut butter
Buy Again?  Yeah, it's not bad but not as good as it could be

Dubba's Note: I finally grabbed a pint of this and it too was fairly lacking in peanut butter, at least visually. I say it that way because there was always a mild unlying peanut butter vibe to every bite. That said, this one just didn't click for me. There was just an oddness to the way the pb almost undercut that familiar C&C flavor I know and love. Had their been way more peanut butter, yeah, this would be unique. As is, I'd stick with the original.


Anonymous said...

I actually didn't enjoy it because I could only taste peanut butter and wanted more cookies and cream flavor.

anon said...

I was actually eating some while I read the review. I had a few spoonfuls earlier, but wasn't really impressed. My pint has huge cookie chunks; I just ran into a cookie chunk that was about 3/4 the size of a whole cookie! I love chunky mix-ins, but there was not enough peanut butter for me. I found myself digging around in the pint to get some more of it.

Caitlin J said...

I just wanted to come back and take back my request for you to review Ben & Jerry's new Coconuts for Caramel Core ice cream flavor. I just finished a pint (don't judge me), and while it tasted JUST like a Samoa and I really enjoyed it, it definitely was not even comparable to some of their other flavors. After a while it got boring and I began missing big chunks of mix-ins (cookie pieces would have been awesome). It also wasn't really all that sweet, definitely one of their more subtle flavors. Also, the core slowly disappeared about halfway through which was disappointing. Glad I had a chance to try it, but I wouldn't suggest you waste your time on it! Get out there and try some of those new ones! I feel like so many companies released a ton of new flavors!