Saturday, March 5, 2016

Turkey Hill Caramel Cookie Gelato Swirls

[Only for 2016] You know, I had asked Turkey Hill for an all natural cookies & cream flavor last year. Technically giving me a C&C gelato would do, but the thing with the new swirls line up is that the product is no longer all natural. I don't know if they have reformulated the base or are just compensating for the swirl and cookies, but let's dig in to...

Turkey Hill Caramel Cookie Gelato Swirls
vanilla gelato with chocolate cookie pieces and a caramel swirl

I scrape the lid and yeah, I'm excited.

That looks encouraging right?

After scooping it in to my bowl, I have to say, it looks a little weird. Looking back in to the container (shown above) hopefully you can see what I mean. Unfortunately, it tastes a little weird too. Now quite sure what's going on with the texture here.

Yup, it's that salty TH caramel we have before. For those unfamiliar, it ends on a fairly salty note. I wonder if the plentiful, liquidy, salty swirl has kind of messed with the gelato texture more than the other gelato swirls. I guess we'll just have to try them to find out.

You guys know that I've loved Turkey Hill since I was little right? Ok, good, because my honest first impression is not that positive. The consistency is just all wrong here. I'm sure the swirl is partially to blame, but it's come together all weird. it's not like horrible or awful. Maybe it's just something that will take a few bowls to get use to. It's almost... Ahhh, I don't want to say watery.

The flavor really kicks in once you mix everything together. Before mixing, it's more caramel than C&C, though there's enough swirl so that you get some in every bite. It's just that the caramel won't truly sing (permeate) until you swirl it all together.

Ok, I'm going to sleep on this one for now. It's not bad but the texture surprised me and in their defense I am totally debating having another scoop or two, but I'll think I'll go do a few chores first.

On Second Scoop: Oops, meant to write this while I was actually downing a another bowl, but my daughter finished this one off for me since she knew I wasn't in love with it. Yes, it has it's moments. I tried it on a waffle, and again by itself, and it's not terrible mind you. I just didn't fall in love with it... because I guess I don't trust it. It doesn't look quite right and it doesn't feel quite right. Nothing about it strikes me as gelato. I least it's a variation of cookies & cream I guess.

Verdict?  not sure
Buy Again?  will try the other swirls first


Caitlin J said...

That's such a shame, I was really looking forward to their new gelato swirls, especially this flavor!!! I look forward to reading more gelato swirl reviews from you to determine which one to try!
I tried two of Ben & Jerry's new dairy free flavors; the first was the PB Cookies and Cream and I honestly thought it just tasted bad, no one in my family enjoyed it (aside from the peanut butter which just wasn't prevalent enough) so I can very much relate to your disappointment here. The second one though was the Coffee Caramel, and that one was perfect, I'm sure you'd love it! I'm curious how their other dairy free flavors are, but I had coupons for the first two and can't imagine myself spending a ton of money on dairy free ice cream when all these other new flavors are coming out.

Danielle said...

I found the texture of their Gelato All Natural line, and it was so bad I told TH and they sent me a letter explaining many people had complained, and so they reformulated and sent me a free coupon to try it again. My first thought when I saw this lineup was "Hmm I wonder how the texture will be."

Caitlin J,
I tried the PB Cookies from B&J and also thought it was gross! Very little PB swirl too which was disappointing. And I paid full price, nearly $6 for that crap! Bleh turned me off to trying any more of that line :(

Dubba Scoops said...

A new formulation would explain things, but not sure they moved in the right direction with formula #2. I will grab a few more flavors to test once they get a little easier to find

nocode said...

I tried the Brownie Fudge yesterday. I was not very impressed. I thought the texture was light and gummy. It certainly didn't remind me of gelato. Sadly, it reminded me of frozen dairy dessert.

Latchkey Nerds said...

Just from that picture, I can tell something is up. Gelato should never 'glisten'.

asfhgwt said...

Real gelato is super-dense and flavorful. Turkey Hill's "Brownie Fudge" version, at least, is merely a marginal improvement over their standard fare. I suspect that there is no government standard for gelato, so T.H. can get away with the deception.