Monday, March 7, 2016

Baskin-Robbins Cookie Jar Mashup Ice Cream
and the Nosh Show Episode 73

[New for March 2016] Good morning Nosh Show listeners! This week is one of those neat opportunities where I get to give you a review of one of our current Nosh or Nots along with a new episode announcement. That or maybe I was just excited to head on over to Baskin-Robbins to try their latest new flavor of the month.

Baskin-Robbins Cookie Jar Mashup Ice Cream
OREO, CHIPS AHOY!, and NUTTER BUTTER cookie pieces
dunked in vanilla flavored ice cream and swirled with a chocolate flavored ribbon

If you want more info about the show, head on over to the show notes here.

If I wanted to keep this review simple, I would put it this way. Basically you will be thinking about Chips Ahoy the entire time. I did get one bite that tasted of peanut butter and I didn't get any Oreo vibes. It's definitely got a fun factor to it, but when you put that much stuff in a pint, it may not balance exactly as you envisioned.

The swirl is surprisingly potent as it  tastes very much like chocolate fudge frosting. It's thick and rich and adds substantial flavor. I was kind of torn on whether or not I appreciated it's presence. It's a fine swirl but semantically speaking, I'm not 100% sure it belongs here.

The texture is a real factor in this ice cream. I was surprised not to run in to any large cookie chunks. Instead, my single scoop serving was more crumbs than anything. Is this a bad thing? For me, no. With so many cookie bits here, it's a very gritty ice cream, which is fine by me because I do love when ice creams have that kind of texture. It even felt like I was running in to tiny chocolate chips here and there which was nice.

So, do I love it? I don't know yet. It wasn't a grand slam on this first swing. Could I fall in love with it? Maybe. The more I thought about it, the more I enjoyed it. It does have a ton of texture (mostly a good thing), it really tastes like chips ahoy (debatably a good thing depending on your preference), and the swirl is potent (again, debatable), but it was a nice change of pace.

I think if the base had felt like a super premium ice cream rather than a standard mainstream ice cream, I would have been sold on it right away. As is, I need another scoop or two to truly win me over.

Verdict?  good
Buy Again?  tempted


  1. This one is definitely on my list of things to try this month.

  2. To an extent I was somewhat disappointed. I would've liked some chunks of cookies and I definitely didn't get a single bit of nutter butter. Couldn't wait to try it, but certainly not going out of my way to get it again.

  3. I tried it and my serving seemed to be all nutter butter.

  4. Since DQ was mentioned in this show...I just heard (unless I am losing it and imagined this!) that DQ is opening 60 more stores in MA to add to their current 33. They are pretty few and far between near me so that would be a nice change. I know they aren't fancy, but you can't really beat a 0.99 sundae on Thursdsys!

  5. @Deb: I was going to say "that can't be right" but sure enough, 60 new stores in Mass over the next 5 years. I was skeptical at first because I've seen a few of the old soft serve only places shut down, but I can see the newer grill n chills taking over.

  6. Tried this the other day. It was not good. The thick brownie batter like fudge ribbon overpowered everything in it. I didn't get any taste of any of the three cookies.


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