Monday, March 21, 2016

The Cookie Dough Core Pizza
and the Nosh Show Episode 74

Good morning Nosh Show listeners! Originally I was going to give you an "adult energy drink" review but a crazy idea came up during the taping of Episode 74. Since Eric was chilling in Vegas, we were joined by Jeeg of the Nerd Lunch Podcast and, well, this happened.

You know, I love being the being the crazy one on the show. I mean, who else on the show would be foolish enough to try and build The Cookie Dough Core Pizza?

During the episode, I had actually envisioned a round pizza with a cookie "core" much like the new Ben & Jerry's flavors, the Royal Blizzards we talked about last time, and the new Taco Bell cheesy core burritos we talked about this week.

Looks like it worked, didn't it? The good news is that the pizza was actually excellent. It was a pillsbury pizza crust, Prego pizzeria style pizza sauce and kraft pizza cheese mix and for whatever reason it tasted like my mom's excellent lasagna. The bad news? The center didn't cook. I stretched out the pizza dough a little too thin and then made then cookie dough too thick. Could this over site be correct, I like to think so. At the very least the pizza was surprisingly tasty so I can totally see trying this again. Maybe not tomorrow, but again.

So, anyone crazy enough to try and follow my nonsense? If so, send us a photo through twitter or instagram or email. Oh, If you do try to duplicate my nonsense, please be careful and make sure everything is cooked thoroughly before eating. If you want to cheat like me, just make some cookies on the side to eat when the center doesn't come out right.

Have a good week everyone!
[the review I was originally going to include for this episode is below]

I lost a bunch of sleep one night last week and even a few days later I still hadn't recovered. I decided to pick up an energy drink that I could reference** during the Episode 74 taping later in the day. What I originally wanted wasn't on sale, but I did spy this interesting blue can.

Inko's White Tea Energy
Jitter-free All Natural Adult Energy Drink

The funny thing is this white tea energy is shelved next to another white tea lineup that touts how low in caffeine it is.

I pop open the can and the smell reminds me of something.... ginger ale maybe. Yeah, ginger ale, like it's a half and half of gingerale and tea. It smells and reminds you of gingerale but has that lingering mouthfeel of Ice Tea. (sure enough, ginger is an ingredient!)

For me, yeah, it's kind of weird but it's not bad. It touts 92.4 mg of tea caffiene per serving (and there is two servings per can), but checking the ingredient list shows guarana and ginseng as well, so that's probably why it does have that air of a red bull or rock star to it.

I've gotten through my first serving and I like it. It's not the most pleasant of colors, and it looks a little funny when I shook it up with some ice in a bottle, but for $1.79, I'm ok with my purchase.

On Second Sip: I saved the second serving for lunch and I will note two things. It's funny how when you smell it, your tastebuds expect a carbonated beverage to hit them but it doesnt. (I'm sure this would pass after you've had a few cans of this stuff). Second, the can says "serve ice cold" so I did partially freeze the last bit of it and it was definitely better that way. There was just a neat clarity to it that way, like, a gingerale slushy or something. Ahhh, fun times. So, do you think you would try this?

Verdict?  Pretty Good
Buy Again?  I might actually

**ironically enough, Marvo decided to retire our "what are we drinking" segment during this episode. I will miss it a little but wont miss spending $2 on every terrible thing I try.


  1. Please stop giving Pizza Hut ideas.

  2. I applaud you for following through and doing it! You might have inspired me to do the same thing!

  3. The center didn't what you are saying is it turned out perfect. I didn't know cookie dough was meant to be cooked :)

  4. CDC says don't eat raw cookie dough anymore :)

  5. You get crazy credit for doing it but it looks so gross! 😀

  6. In a few months we will see Pizza Hut or Dignero picking up this idea.

  7. Jello pasta tower next ;-)


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