Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nerd Lunch Episode 216

Hello again! Need another podcast to listen to this week? Well, besides recording Episode 71 of the Nosh Show last week, I also hopped aboard the Nerd Lunch podcast to talk movies. Yes, I am able to talk about something other than ice cream despite the limited evidence to the contrary. Wait, did I even say that right?

The basic scenario is coming up with a list of movies you would be willing to watch over and over again. Strangely enough, pretty much everything we picked was from our earlier years which helps explain why Hollywood is now addicted to remakes (even if they don't understand why it worked in the first place). To think I used to complain about too many sequels and now it's all about the remake [That reminds me, I still need to see SW:TFA, Creed, Kung Fu Panda 3, Ip Man 3...]

Alrighty, back to the reviews tomorrow, I promise!

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