Saturday, January 30, 2016

Perry's One Buffalo Ice Cream

[New to quarts in 2016] On October 8th of 2015, Perry's announced a new flavor that is an ode to their beloved city of Buffalo. At first is was only available at a couple of arenas, but as part of Perry's rebranding of their quart and pint offerings, you can now get....

Perry's One Buffalo Ice Cream
vanilla ice cream with sea salt caramel swirls, sponge candy pieces, and fudge-coated pretzels

To clarify, you may remember that we had fun with a bunch of "escapes" flavor samples that Perry's sent over to Nick and I last year. While there were definitely some cool flavors in the mix, a marketing decision was made to ditch the escapes name and go with Perry's classic black design for pints and quarts. To help spread the word, Perry's has been nice enough to send over samples of the new design, in particular, they sent their three new quart flavors for 2016. Since One Buffalo involves pretzels, yeah, I'm digging in to this one first.

Opening shot... focus on what's just below the surface.

You know I'm getting those pretzel bits on my first spoonful right? Ok, good, just making sure we're on the same page here. Mmmmm, crunchy, whoa, and salty too. Nice first impression.

If anything, it reminds me of a nice caramel waffle cone flavor on these first bites and that's a nice place to be. I'm definitely digging the crunch though I am surprised by the salty aftertaste. You just don't usually get that in a mainstream flavor. You know what? I really wish I was eating this out of a waffle cone right now.

Even the bites that appear to be devoid of swirl or mixin still have a nice flavor to them. Oh man, I am just racing through this one. Yes, I got a fresh pint which helps guarantee crisp pretzels, but I still totally dig the overall flavor. Sweet and Salty as they say. Just let me put a little more in my bowl...

Ok, yeah, a flavor like this is dangerous around a person like me. I love pretzels, I love a nice sweet caramel swirl, and I dig things with a nice overall flavor balance. I want something that hits a bunch of notes but still plays well together. That's this flavor. I don't know if there weren't a ton of sponge pieces in the first serving or if I just missed them, but I'll just to be a little more attentive on the second scooping.

On Second Scoop: I can sum up this flavor with one word said three times: NOM NOM NOM. I realized I had trouble telling the mix-ins apart because they look so similar. I really, really like this flavor. Oh fine, I love this flavor. It's funny because over the last few weeks, I keep trying flavors with caramel mixed in and each one has been better than the last. Well, this one is excellent. Just the right amount of everything. I could decimate this quart without even trying (It will not survive the weekend!**). Awesome job Perry's!

>>You know what? If you miss Late Night Snack, this is a worthy replacement<<

Verdict?  NOM NOM NOM
Buy Again?  YES!

**It didn't survive the weekend  :)


  1. Holy smokes, this looks delicious and dangerous. This is the kind of thing I end up eating an entire pint of at two in the morning.

  2. YES! Plus since it's mainstream ice cream and not some dense super premium variety, it's just that much easier to inhale.

  3. It sounds like you loved the sponge parents are both from Buffalo and gave me an appreciation of it too. I know of nowhere else in the country you can get it.

  4. Got to agree 100%. This perry's seasonal was on point. They just needed more sponge candy, seemed to be lacking compared to the pretzels. That stuff is divine if people have never had it they are missing out. Good review.

  5. @Adam: You can get sponge candy in Wisconsin however, it's called Angel Food Candy. A fitting name given how delicious it is.

  6. Looks great! Guessing that I won't be finding this anywhere near Georgia...

  7. @Adam isn't this Honeycomb candy?

  8. @Squires32: sorry, dont think Perry's has made it that far south yet. And yeah, honeycomb candy appears to be yet another name for sponge candy. So many names!


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