Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hood Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches

I'll be honest, I really don't want to propagate the pumpkin spice madness anymore. I know it makes many of you happy, but I personally have no urge to see it everyday from September 1st through November. I saw pumpkin spice sugar at lunchtime and was just beside myself going "Really?". I think many of us will burn out on pumpkin long before we hit Pumpkin's true peak, Thanksgiving. Oh how I love my beloved pumpkin pie! (and pumpkin blizzards!)

Hood Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches
pumpkin ice cream between two graham cracker wafers

Like I said, I'm kind of burnt out on the Pumpkin Spice nonsense, but then I read the part about the graham wafers, as well as the on sale price of just $2.50 for a box of 8, and well, I gave in. If it's good, I've got 8 afternoon snacks. If it's bad, I share with my coworkers. It's a win win.

Funny, it looked pretty orange through the wrapper, but with the wrapper removed it's not that scary. I take my first bite and it seems distinctly ginger-y. After that, I proceeded to inhale this particular ice cream sandwich. It's not super strong on the pumpkin flavor, and I would have liked more graham flavor from the wafers, but overall, it's a fine treat. But I'm still hungry....

Ok, yeah, I had another, because, well, that's kind of something I've enjoyed doing my whole life (eating ice cream sandwiches in pairs that is). I still think the wafers are more ginger than graham, but overall a fun treat. Spice balance is restrained and balanced, the filling works with the wafers, and it serves it's purpose just fine.

On Second Scoop: And another one bites the dust. Yeah, I like these. I do wish they were a little bit lighter on the ginger, but as I sit here with an aftertaste akin to pumpkin bread, I feel like I probably shouldn't complain.

Verdict?  good balance for an entry level sandwich
Buy Again?  sure


  1. A friend of mine found ginger pumpkin circular sandwiches from Trader Joes and loved them! These look like a flavor I could see Blue Bunny tackling!
    Btw Dubba I also saw Pumpkin Spice gum and oatmeal - even for a lover like me, this seemed a bit much haha

  2. Yeah, the TJ mini pumpkin ice cream sandwiches are back again this year, I should have picked them up when I saw them... ahh, I'll go back for them soon enough.

  3. The oatmeal is good but the gum is horrible ! Where do you find the hood ice cream sandwhiches and or pumpkin pie ice cream ? I have had Turkey hill brand and it is delish ! I never came across Hoods though.Nor have I seen Ben & Jerry's either . I do want to know where to locate them .Does anyone know ?

    Thank You,

  4. Do you live in the northeast? That's where Hood is based and is quite popular here (because so many grew up on it).... wait, you've never seen Ben & Jerry's? Or you've just never seen there Pumpkin Cheesecake flavor which has recently returned.


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