Monday, August 10, 2015

Lays Do Us A Flavor 2015
  and The Nosh Show Episode 61

Hello Nosh Show Listeners! Are you ready for a bit of behind the scenes nonsense while we take a quick break from Nosh or Not? After covering the latest Lays flavors, we banter back and forth about what goes on behind all the stuff you read here and at,, and Sound good? Then take a listen!

[N = Reuben, O = Biscuits, S = Truffle, H = Gyro]
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Ok, first, a quick chip recap, from worst to best. The gyro flavor is.... long lasting. While I enjoyed the kettle cooked nature of the chip, I could pretty much taste them for the rest of the day. The Reuben flavor isn't bad, and it is impressive that it tastes like rye bread, but it feels very one note, like ketchup on rye kind of one note. Eric was a big fan but I just don't appreciate these. Next up would be the Southern Chicken and Biscuits flavor. I didn't think I'd like these but these are surprisingly pleasant. My top pick will be the truffle fries for their easy munching, familiar flavor. While they smell a bit earthy, I found myself having a rather large first serving. They taste like something from the oven and I appreciate that.

Second, blogging stuff! We talk about many things like how we blog, when we blog, and how our family feels about our internet adventures. One thing I wanted to point out during the show, but didn't get a chance to was that often people want to (simplify?) the experience. If I say I blog about ice cream, they go, "well, what's the best ice cream?" and I just don't think that's a fair question anymore. After years of writing all these reviews, I can't help but think of so many aspects to that question like whether it refers to flavor, texture, calories, sweetness, ingredients, price, form factor, etc. So instead of giving a one off answer, I try to use that question to start the conversation of what someone is looking for and then point them to something new they should try.

Anyway, enjoy the show, and have a great week everyone!

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