Saturday, August 29, 2015

Good Humor Toasted Almond Ice Cream Bar

It's time for more "Tales for the Work Freezer". It's time for a treat that has always intrigued me but considering it's a budget Good Humor treat, it wasn't worth the risk of getting stuck with 6 of them at work (and no way I'm bringing these allergen covered treats home). Let's take a bite of...

Good Humor Toasted Almond Ice Cream Bar
vanilla light ice cream with an almond flavored core
and an almond and cake coating

Boring plain white wrapper removed, I'm left with a very lighly coated treat. You can see almond bits mixed in, but with this light coating and this crumb to almond ratio, yeah, don't expect any crunchy coating, I know I didn't find any.

I take one bite and I do not like this treat at all. It has a very strong amaretto taste to it. Whoa, so very unexpected. There are several great toasted almond and almond butter flavors on the market but instead we get this soft squishy amaretto beast. Sorry, but I don't even want to finish this... so I won't.

Look, like any treat, this will have fans, but when you use that much fake flavor to cover up the fact that there is probably the equivalent of one whole almond on this thing, yeah, we're going to call you out on it. No excuse for this big of a fail.

Verdict?  Amaretto!
Buy Again?  no chance


Anonymous said...

Lol, so true. These are positively bursting with artificial flavor. It's almost an assault. I've noticed they've gone all chintzy on the coating with their Chocolate Eclair Bars too. You can see a lot of white through all the bald spots on that one. Super lame Good Humor!

Unknown said...

Tried it before too. Same reaction... nope.

Anonymous said...

These used to be good many years ago; especially the strawberry and chocolate ones. I don't buy them anymore though for the same reason. No coating and just don't taste very good.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad!

Sounds like the brand did a Good (Sense of) Humor.
As if they expected you to have one to buy their 'fAuxmond' flavor.

Reminds me of this Good Humor skat-style commercial from 1996

where the skatting ice cream man even mentions the offending Toasted fAuxmond ice cream flavor! Haha! I hope one day you will embed this commercial in a future review- even if only to spoof the flavor you do review!


Dubba Scoops said...

fAuxmond flavor? HA!

Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite

Unknown said...

The six pack ones suck but the 4ozsingles are perfect