Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Talenti Tiramisu Gelato #37

[New for 2015, now retired] Alrighty, there are just two Talenti flavors left to try this year. Nick is covering the target exclusive soon, and he was suppose to cover this one as well, but for some reason it's really elusive. I may not like coffee, but it's on sale for $3.99 and I love trying every Talenti flavor, so here goes.

Talenti Tiramisu Gelato #37
tiramisu gelato with a dulce de leche ribbon

I dig in, and yes, it's a coffee flavor first, but it's not crazy strong or bitter which I really appreciate. I just cant get in to those really dark/dry flavors, but this, this is growing on me. It's say.... 60% coffee flavor as opposed to like 80-90% and I think I'll be ok.

I aim for the swirl and it adds sweetness, but I can't taste it specifically, it's flavor is just too small compared to the coffee base.

The texture seems a bit off to me compared to their other flavors. It's a bit more elastic or... well, not sure gummy is the word, but it's more pliable than it is creamy.

I'm enjoying the edges so let's let it melt a few more minutes.

Wait, when I said 60% coffee, i didn't mean to imply that it reminds me of tiramisu. It just reminds me of a mild coffee flavor, not really feeling the tiramisu vibe to be honest. I've tried attacking the swirl several times but nothing happens. I mean it takes the edge off sweetness wise, but not flavor wise.

Ugg, why didn't I just Nick review this one, oh yeah, because this one is way too hard to find. That said, even as a non-coffee person, I still feel like this misses the mark a bit. For the most part the quality is there, but I still think the addition of the eggs and mascarpone cheese messes with the texture that I don't really approve of. The swirl takes the edge off, and I hate to play the mix-in card, but yeah, some kind of cake bite would really help here.

The first slice of tiramisu I ever had was easily the best. It was this beautiful meld of cake and coffee. I always go back to that in my mind. The coffee is here but where's the balance, where's the other side.

On Second Scoop: Yeah, I don't get it, this is pretty similar to every other coffee ice cream (or gelato) you've ever tried. Yes, it's not super bitter, but the description says hint of coffee and an homage to tiramisu, but I'm getting mostly a coffee vibe. The swirl takes the edge off but that's not tiramisu (and is dulce de leche on tiramisu a common thing?). I'll finish the pint because it is still Talenti, but I'm disappointed..... or maybe I'm just a bum who doesn't understand true tiramisu. A bum that's just not jiving with the rubbery custard-ness of this particular pint. (Curse you Rovo for not finding this one first!)

Verdict? quality yes, but tiramisu? iunno
Buy Again?  nah


  1. This was my favorite of all the new flavors, it was so tasty! The peanut caramel and oatmeal cookie flavors disappointed me, but maybe I overhyped them in my mind idk

  2. I STILL can't find this one, but after your review maybe that's not a bad thing ;)

  3. They should had added ladyfingers mix-ins. A tiramisu is not a tiramisu with ladyfingers.

  4. I was really disappointed in this one. I love tiramisu, and this didn't do it for me. I kind of got the coffee/cheese flavor and texture, but I found it bland. It needed more coffee (maybe that should have been the swirl?) and that slight hit of cocoa that real tiramisu has.

  5. This flavor was alright. The only two new flavors I hated was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Oatmeal Raisin. I couldn't believe how awful their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was.

    I still have yet to find the Raspberry Cheesecake.

  6. Complete fail as a tiramisu flavor. All coffee.

  7. Spot on! It's more coffee than Tiramisu. Very disappointing if you were looking to get a taste of Tiramisu, 'cos you only taste coffee. Haagen Dazs Tiramisu gelato is way better!

  8. I didn't like this one at all, and my favorite flavor is coffee. It tasted artificial to me. I like most ice cream but not this.


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