Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cold Stone Creamery Great Blue Cupcake

Every year we try to remember to try Cold Stone Creamery's Shark Week Ice Cream Specials.... and every year we forget, but not this year! No no, my wife has gone and picked up...

Cold Stone Creamery Great Blue Cupcake
Chocolate Cup filled with a layer of Yellow Cake and Blue Sweet Cream Ice Cream
and topped with fluffy Blue Frosting and a Gummy Shark

Now they don't have that tasty looking graham cracker pie crust of "Shark Week Frenzy", but they are Cold Stone Cupcakes and those are pretty much always tasty (I can't really think of one that hasn't been good). Note: I haven't seen "This Cake Bites" advertised this year so I'm not sure if it's available this time around.

The short review would basically just say "delicious as always". The frosting is fun, the ice cream is sweet, and the cake is delightful. Tie is all together in a chocolate cup and you have a winner like all of their other cups.

Nitpicking? The frozen gummy shark is completely useless unless you don't mind waiting 20 minutes for it to warm back up again. The cupcake seems smaller than before but maybe my appetite is just bigger. Oh, I may have gotten frosting up my nose trying to eat this thing like a normal cupcake, but that's my fault.... apparently I still haven't mastered eating like an adult yet.

So, yeah, these are good, plenty of fun factor here. I definitely dig the flavor profile. The sweet cream with the cake, and then amped up with the frosting, win win win. I managed to not eat two at a time but that doesn't mean I can't eat two in a day. Thanks to the Mrs. for picking these up.

Verdict?  Tasty! Fun!
Buy Again?  Yup

*warning of possible cross contamination


Unknown said...

Why not red raspberry swirl or drizzle to represent blood?

The Toy Box said...

I really enjoyed the one I tried a few months back. Definitely should get some more. They also make really good cookie sandwiches.

Side note - Make your own sundae at Cold Stone. They're great! Love their whipped cream.