Thursday, June 18, 2015

Breyers Chocolate Caramel Gelato

[New for 2015] Confession time. I know I said I wouldn't be trying these gelatos again anytime soon.... but as you may not know, I have a decent collection of plastic containers and treat boxes from all of my reviews over the years. On occasion I even go back and re-photograph something to fix old treat reviews that I didn't take enough pictures for. Anyway, this one was in front of me at walmart, it's cheap, and I figured my family would help me finish it off quickly, so I gave in and picked up....

Breyers Chocolate Caramel Gelato
chocolate gelato with a luscious caramel sauce & gourmet chocolate curls

Strange, these are usually loaded with curls on top, meh, whatever. There is a mild smell of something pleasant and familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

I take my first few gummy bites and they aren't bad flavor wise. I take a third bite with some caramel and it's not terrible here either. The swirl is very thick and it's very flavorful. It basically tastes like a wethers, and technically I wish I had scooped a bit less of it all at once, but it's not terrible.

I usually hate these things from early on, but honestly, this one isnt bad yet. It basically tastes like a rubbery frosty and while that may not sound perfect, at least I'm not regretting my purchase

On Second Scoop: So I just scooped a bowl for me and another for my daughter. I still contend that while flawed, this may be the least offensive of the Breyers gelatos I have tried. My daughter... well, let's just say she won't be encouraging me to buy it again. She says it reminds her of some funky hoodsie cup, and that's actually does describe the base flavor here. So I'm not so much as encouraging you to purchase this so much as saying there are worse options.

Verdict?  coulda been worse!
Buy Again?  unlikely


  1. Not regarding this product at all, but you have a great blog! I'd be interested to see your thoughts/ranking scheme re frozen treats (ie, top 3 sundae cones, best Klondike bar, top 3 on a stick, top 3 sandwiches, etc)

  2. It shows that Breyer's is not good with Gelatos. Maybe they should discontinue it or reformulate it. What up with the "curls" idea. Maybe it would be better if they did a caramel curl with chocolate chips.

  3. What was the best Breyers dessert you ever had?

  4. @Morgan: yeah, we get this request a lot, I just think I would overcomplicate it, so here are a few thoughts. Klondike quality has fallen pretty badly, I've heard drumsticks arent as good but have not sampled in awhile, and talenti bars are a great place to start if you have not tried them. I would definitely scroll through our treats tag to help see what's out there

    @Alek: Breyers isnt good with much these days.

    @Cam: best Breyers? anything from the 80s or 90s :)

  5. Their old s'mores Blasts! was on point.

    It wasn't as good as the Ben & Jerry's one (which didn't exist at the time,) but it was like $3 for a half gallon at Wal-Mart and had the graham cracker ribbon and everything.

    Wish they'd bring that back.

  6. I have given up on the Bryer's Gelato's; they are hopeless.

  7. @Nathan- Giffords makes a much better S'Mores ice cream than any of the national brands around here, even B&J. I think it's gone missing lately though. Haven't seen it at my usual haunts.

  8. @Surfer: agreed on the giffords. If you can, grab the frozen foods manager and kindly ask if they can order more.

  9. Some reason all their gelato comes across to me as cheap birthday ice cream I got when I was a kid. That froze cool whip like stuff that had no real taste and just felt like I was eating cheap ice cream.

  10. Yeah, I saw this and picked it up when I was restocking on the always-yummy haagen dazs vanilla caramel pizzelle geleto pops.

    I think the caramel is the best part of it, but yeah I have to agree, not that bad, but definitely not a favorite either.

    I think that maybe haagen dazs geleto has spoiled me? Heh.


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