Monday, April 13, 2015

Talenti Coffee Toffee Gelato #34

[By Nick, New for early 2015, now retired] ‎Two reviews of new products in a row? I'm on a roll! With the Ben & Jerry's toffee fiasco still occurring, let's see if Talenti can provide a suitable replacement for those inclined to get their coffee and toffee fix at once.

Talent Coffee Toffee Gelato #34
Coffee Gelat‎o with Chocolate Covered Almond Toffee Pieces

I really enjoyed Talenti's coffee base in their Coffee Chocolate Chip flavor so I'm hoping the same holds true here.
First sign something is up, the base looks lighter here than it did in the other flavor. The flavor matches the lightness. This isn't the bold, robust darker coffee base I'm used to. This one is off to me. It tasted roasted with little hints of actual coffee flavor. It's mild and slightly milky and I'm not too much of a fan.

The almond toffee isn't so good either. The texture is nice and crunchy but like the new toffee in Ben & Jerry's, it doesn't get all stringy and broken down in parts. It remains solid throughout for the majority of the time.

The flavor is okay but it's not going to impress you one bit. I think the toffee I had while touring Ben & Jerry's is better than what Talenti is using here. This flavor is just meh. It had so much promise but Talenti missed the mark here. If they stuck to the original coffee base, this would've been 10 times better just from that change. A better quality toffee would've been nice as well. The worst part is that I can't even blame Unilever yet for interfering since these pints are still being produced by Talenti.

Meh, if you're looking for a coffee toffee fix, I still recommend making your own sundae. There's yet to be a redeemable version to hit the market that I've tried.

Verdict?  Talenti, you let me down
Buy Again?  Nope


Anonymous said...

Love the coffee chocolate chip so will probably pass this one up if it doesn't have the same base. The toffee doesn't sound appetizing either.

I didn't realize that Unilever bough Talenti! Hope they don't ruin the brand.

Danielle said...

I totally agree this one just totally missed the mark for me too! Also for a new flavor it just seemed kinda lame to me, nothing new or special :(

The Toy Box said...

It's sad that the more flavors I try from Talenti, the less I like the company as a whole. Most of their flavors are just so disappointing. Maybe I'm not a gelato fan.

Nick Rovo said...

Anon, I'd stay stick with coffee chocolate chip. Hopefully Tiramisu will be a better coffee experience. Unilever bought them at the end of last year.
Danielle, well it's new for their company aha. They're still a young company so not every flavor will be all that creative.
The Toy Box, which flavors have you tried? Pumpkin Pie and Caramel Apple Pie and Hazelnut Chocolate Chip would be my Top 3 from them.

Andrew said...

My go-to ice cream when I'm looking to sate a toffee craving is Graeter's Toffee Chocolate Chip, which uses pieces of Heath bar alongside their massive chocolate chips.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Talenti would be Egg Nog, Salted Caramel Peanut, Caramel Apple Pie, & Mediterranean Mint.

The worst flavor would have to be Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & I didn't care for their Lisbon Lemon sorbetto flavor.

The Toy Box said...

I've tried; Caramel Apple Pie (definitely the best of them), Caramel Cookie Crunch, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, and Raspberry Cheesecake (pretty good).

Surfer Sandman said...

Sad to hear the comments about Talenti. I've had both their Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup flavors (the latter after reading the review here).

I love the texture of gelato. Did Unilever actually buy them them out? That's sad and Unilever ruined Ben and Jerrys for me.

There's always Gelato Fiasco, which I managed to find at a natural food store but didn't buy (yet!).

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it's Unilver's influence but Talenti's flavors don't seem to taste as good as when I first tried them a few years ago. Maybe I just haven't tried the best flavors but it's not a go to for me anymore.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Anon: I suspect it's more to do with their new giant plant they built a few years back to help keep up with demand more than Unilever's influence at this point. (I have an old photo and new photo of caramel cookie crunch and there is a lot less swirl)