Thursday, April 23, 2015

Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream Bars

[For 2015 and 2016 only] 
Time for something that we first got a picture of in late January but it took awhile before it hit the Walmart by my house. I have no doubt this will be a fine treat, the question is how good will it be.

Good Humor Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream Sandwich
frozen chocolate mint dessert bar with
cookies pieces and dark chocolatey coating

Let's get this boring white wrapper removed and dig in.

I take my first bite and BAHAHAHAHA does it taste like the york peppermint patty version, the only difference is a bit of a chocolate kick mixed in. That's just too funny. You can't help but wonder how the products will differ and it turns out it's not that much.

It's hard to type and eat... so let me just finish inhaling this thing, ok, done. Well that was quick. At 190 calories, there is the temptation to have a second, but looking at the saturated fat content (45%) should lessen the urge. At least I enjoyed it, that's not an issue.

Do I love it? Well, not like I love the York version. There's a straight forward dichotomy between the mint filling and the shell in the other one, but here that is muddled by the chocolate. I don't mean that as an insult, it's just a personal preference kind of thing. It's definitely still good and there's no reason you can't keep a box of each in your freezer (ummm, like I have at the moment).

Oh, the little cookie bits aren't a huge factor, but obviously they spice up the visuals a little. Overall the shell is still just a chocolate shell, and the filling is still filling. The bits will have a subtle influence here but don't expect any real grit or crunch from them.

Ok, that's good enough for the first try, more thoughts later.

On Second Scoop: I had one earlier today and like I said, there's nothing wrong here. Basically good humor gets us excited with a new product while not straying too far from their tried and true model. If you like the york version but want something a little less minty and a little more chocolatey, this is the way to go. (Sorry if that sounds like a simplistic review, but it's what I got)

Verdict?  a fine treat
Buy Again?  sure


Anonymous said...

Dubba and Nick,

Just read that Jeni's has recalled their ice cream and yogurt for Listeria concerns. Just wanted to give you both as well as fellow readers the heads up. Wouldn't want anyone to get sick.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Mint ice creams are disgusting and need to die. If you want mint in your ice cream, grab a tube of toothpaste and mix it in with your favorite ice cream.

Dubba Scoops said...

Thanks, someone posted that on the blue bell post earlier today. I tweeted the news but hadnt posted anything on the main blog (Blue Bell is actually the #3 ice cream company in the US so that's why I made the special annoucement, Jeni's has a much smaller footprint.... not that I dont want people to be warned about it). This is the official link

Dubba Scoops said...

@Stride: I take it you had a bad experience as a kid :) That sounds like something I might have said ten years ago but I have come very far since then.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, how I enjoy mint chocolate. :))

If I see this around I may try it.

Dubba, remember me tellibng you about the Edy's Dreyer $3 deals at Safeway last week?

Well they're back!

Safeway here in N. California has Dreyer's (Edy's over there) back in the $3 1.5 quart sizes, good through 4/28. In thrice the NSA, Slow Churned and Grand versions (picked up 2 Vanilla bean and 4 Mint Chocolate NSA versions myself).

I'm not sure they have that in your area but what do you think? Is it worth a look? Especially for another shot at $3 Edy's Grand Cinnamon Bun fun? (yes, I mean to throw that in)

Pass it on! :)

Unknown said...


Dubba Scoops said...

FYI Erica is agreeing with stride but unfortunately this blogger them doesnt show it, sorry!