Friday, March 6, 2015

Walgreens Maple Macadamia Mash-Up
Trace Adkins Celebrity Apprentice Ice Cream

[Debuted 2013, was available in a de-branded state] I don't know why, but I'm excited about this flavor. I had stopped over at the bigger Walgreens to pick up their S'mores ice cream when I was shocked to see both of the Celebrity Apprentice flavors still on the shelf. And these are fresh pints too with far out expiration dates. I've haven't noticed them at the smaller Walgreens, and I know the latest season of CA is already over, but when ice cream pints are 2 for $4, there is something liberating about trying something risky.

Walgreens Maple Macadamia Mash-Up Ice Cream
Dry roasted macadamia nuts in maple ice cream
(HA! I just realized the Celebrity Apprentice logo is gone!)

Well, that's a pretty tame opening shot.  
(It reminds me of why I picked up Magic Squirtle Swirtle instead.)
<sniff> Definitely smells of maple.

Mmmmmm, that's maple-y alright. Hmmm, there is a complexity on the backend. I take another bite and there it is again... almost like.... would cleaning solution be an offensive term right now? It's almost like an effervescence to it. It's kind of weird. Maybe I should eat quicker before I get scared off. Yeah, why do I feel like I've accidentally left a layer of Ivory soap on my spoon.

I'm not also remembering why I didnt like B&J mac. Such a dense, flavorless nut when frozen. Very bland and not much fun to chew. Oh the things I try for this blog. They make such a loud unpleasant crack... or was that my tooth? No, no, it was the nut.

The tiny puddles of maple syrup are a nice touch. Fun to look at anyway.

There's no danger of finishing this in one sitting.... though there is a danger of never finishing it.Think it's break time. It's not terrible, but something soapy and weird is going on here. Maybe I'll feel differently next time, but for now, I need something salty.

On Second Scoop: There's no other way to say this... I hate this ice cream, I really do. I kept trying to push forward through the funk, but I asked myself why am I intaking all this fat for something that's not that tasty. There's just something so weird with this one and I would give twenty bucks right now for some french fries to get this soapy taste out of my mouth.

Verdict?  wrong, just wrong
Buy Again?  not a chance


  1. I just noticed a few weeks ago that Snapple still makes Bret Michaels Trop-A-Rocka tea from The Apprentice finale in 2010. The show becomes an even more ridiculous self-parody with each passing season, but I still watch. It's hard to believe that NBC renewed it, considering the airing of the last season was delayed over a year.

  2. hehehehe, I tried watching but couldnt stay focused. I miss the early days when they talked about actual business and marketing and not made up drama.


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