Monday, March 9, 2015

The Nosh Show Episode 50

Oh man, where does the time go? It just keeps flying on by without a care for my to-do list. I mean, can you believe we made it to Episode 50 of the Nosh Show already? I know it's literally just a number, but we're all conditioned to think that 50 of anything is a big deal.

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Speaking of time flying by, my Nosh of the Week was Dunkin Donuts February special.... that I picked up on Sunday, March 1st. It was dumb luck that my local DD was still making these and I have to say that the brownie batter donuts are amazing. It's a chocolate covered donut filled with a chocolate frosting like substance and I was entranced with every bite. I also tried the cookie dough donut (the one their with chocolate chips on top) about an hour later but it just didn't click the same way. One, the frosting drowns out the filling, and two, the filling doesn't really taste like cookie dough. It's sweet, but it's more gooey (less gritty) than the brownie batter filling. Oh well, at least me and the Mrs. tried them before it was too late.

Ok, enjoy the show and have a good week everyone.

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