Sunday, July 27, 2014

enJOY-a-bowl Sundae Sunday

Alright, I spied a new waffle bowl a few days a go so I just want to quick share it with you in case you're in the need of some mini waffle bowls. It was kind of funny because I walked by them and thought "oh, hey, Joy has themselves a new marketing campaign" but then upon looking closer I realized it was a new product. Well, I can't guarantee these are brand new, but they seem new enough. The only reference I could find for them was the fact that the Joy Cone Company pushed out a bunch of snack ideas on pinterest at the very end of 2013.

12 count box of enJOY-a-bowl mini waffle bowls

And here are the mini sundaes I made. They arent as crazy as some of my other breakfast sundaes because there's just not that much room in the bowl. These seem to be aimed more at small children as they felt more like a snack then a big filling sundae.

Oh, I should probably mention that both me and my daughter cracked our bowls, but I'll chalk that up to getting use to the new form factor. My son cracked his as well but that's because he kept nibbling on the edges.

I should probably mention that these taste like a typical sugar cone or waffle bowl. I actually just snacked on one and it reminds me a lot of angel food cake (albeit a lot crunchier). At 50 calories, you could technically snack on one or two of these if the mood strikes.

That's all I got!

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Danielle said...

Thanks for the review! I actually just noticed them too at ShopRite this week and wondered about them!