Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools! New Ben & Jerry's Gelato!

With the introduction of the new core lineup and a few flavors to be released later this year, do you still feel like Ben & Jerry's is holding back a bit? Shouldn't there be something else? Where's that silly, mix-in fueled fire that seems to be hiding these last few years. Sure, they have their moments, and this year includes Cherry Garcia becoming a greek froyo and we should finally see candy bar pie in the pint form, but I want old school Ben & Jerry's with out-of-the-box thinking awesomeness. I want crazy! And I want it now!

So what new line up is this being teased on social media? 

See, we've done some digging and have found out what's coming up for both pints and scoop shops... Ben & Jerry's Gelato!! With Haagen-Dazs, Breyers, and even Graeters getting in on the gelato action, what choice did they have? Talenti has proven it's a profitable market, so who can blame them? The good news is that someone will finally bring mass amounts of mix-ins to the gelato market.

Enough stalling, here's the initial line up.

Honey gelato with a caramelized fig swirl and pizzelle pieces

Italian Stallion
Caramel gelato with a salted caramel swirl and fudge filled stallion chunks

Latte Biscotti Crunch
Coffee and sweet cream gelato swirled together with chocolate covered biscotti chunks

Sleeping with the Fishes
Vanilla bean gelato with a river of fudge, white chocolate blocks and fudge fishes

Zeppole for Me
Sweet cream gelato with swirls of pastry cream, fudge flakes and chunks of zeppole

So, are you excited now? Let us know your favorite in the comments!

Update: I'm sorry, but all these flavors are a figment of Nick's imagination! The photos? They're actually the city flavors Ben & Jerry's created last year. All I did was do a little tweaking so these could be mass produced and threw it all together in a story. Hopefully you've had fun visualizing these flavors. Back to the real stuff tomorrow!


  1. I'd be willing to try the Italian Stallion and Sleeping with the Fishes, maybe the Caramel one as well. That all depends on me being able to find them, hopefully they aren't going to be as elusive as some of the new Talenti flavors.

  2. Gotta be April fools...the white chocolate cinder blocks gave it away lol

  3. Please don't let this be an April Fool's joke! These all sound delicious!

  4. These sound awesome! I personally can't wait to try them. But where is our Godfather gelato?! And nothing with mascarpone???

  5. Totally an April Fools joke!

  6. I can't wait for the zeppole and biscotti pints. I love the names they are so cute!

  7. You guys broke my heart with this.

  8. Nick, you should suggest these to B&J's! They really sound good.

    I was already planning out which ones to try!

  9. Anon, oh they already know about our little prank. We'll see if any of these are made real in the future!

  10. Will they still keep the green pint of Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt? I love that flavor so much that I have never wanted to try the ice cream version of Cherry Garcia.

  11. So was the part about Candy Bar Pie being in pints an April Fools joke too? Because I'd love to see that in pints

  12. @Stride, normal cherry garcia froyo is staying, the greek will only be a limited batch.

    @Anon, yep, candy bar pie is scheduled for the last third of the year.

  13. I get the ha ha April Fool's prank, but still, NOT COOL! I had my eye on the Italian Stallion and Latte Biscotti Crunch. Boo! :(

  14. OMG! I would be ALL OVER the Figitaboutit and the Latte Biscotti Crunch! I hope they really do come up with these flavors (and compensate you appropriately for your fabulous, truly inspired ideas). Brilliant!!

  15. Karen, if they decided to make gelato, I better be the main flavor guru!

  16. omg i wish ben & jerry's would make the ZEPPOLI one for real! you have the kind of ideas ben & jerry's needs!

    i want them to come up with some more special flavors... i know a lot of people may disagree with me, but i feel lately ben & jerry's has been relying on many of the "usual" components and just putting them together in slightly different formats...like, vanilla with chocolate fudge chunks, or chocolate with chocolate fudge chunks...and the occasional alcoholic flavor like bonaroo buzz or scotchy scotch...

    i DO love boston cream pie - to me, the pastry cream swirl is "different," - and wish they would come out with maybe an almond cream icecream with an amaretto swirl and, almond or amaretto infused cake pieces(?) ...YUM! :)

    and how about sweet cream icecream with an ANISE ('nother "different" note) syrup ribbon, and CHEWY SUGAR COOKIE pieces?

    and they NEED bring back RICOTTA based holy cannoli, making sure to include BIG pieces of cannoli shell, cuz ben & jerry's got to have chunks! :)

    sigh, i made myself so hungry now :)


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