Monday, April 14, 2014

Blue Bunny Cuatro Leches Ice Cream, Shoo Fly Pie and The Nosh Show Episode 27

[2014-2015] I know I usually put a non-ice cream review with my Nosh Show announcements, but since this was my nosh of the week (and since I'm all out of sync), let's mix the two. (reminder: this was a free sample from Blue Bunny (Wells)).

Blue Bunny Cuatro Leches Ice Cream
Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream with Tres Leche Cake Pieces and Dulce de Leche Swirl

And here's episode 27! Nosh or nots include the crazy new shakes from sonic and new fruit punch Oreos. Our main segment stars special guest Cybele from to talk about Easter candy. (doh, forgot to mention how the Easter bunny who hits our house is nice enough to bring Divvies for my son). We wrap things up with our nosh of the week, so without further ado, let's talk ice cream.

So my first scooping was a very small bowl last night (before I got too far in to the swirl) and I have to admit it made a real nice impression from the very first bite. If I had to sum it up, I'd say it tastes like a nice rich french vanilla from like early 90s Breyers (back when they were still cool!). It's just really pleasant. It's complex without being overpowering. I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to go back for a bigger bowl

On Second Scoop: Ok, second scoop technically went on top of some fresh baked shoo fly pie, and I have to say, it was kind of awesome. The wonderful vanilla base mixed with the fresh spongy texture of the pie and then tied together with the caramel was such a great wake up call. I want to have another one tomorrow.

On Third Scoop: Finally! a tasty bowl all by itself! The swirl is sweet and buttery. It reminds me of something in particular that I can't place, but have no fear that it's a great swirl for an ice cream. It tastes like what you expect from a good swirl, the kind you can't get enough of.

The cake pieces are neat, though sometimes hard to find.

Still love the base. I think the cake pieces and swirl have gently enhanced the base's flavor. It's just a really good ice cream. It's got a great, classic ice cream texture too. It's not gummy, or too light, or too dense, it's just right for a main stream product. It was pretty much a race to the bottom of this one between me and my wife. Good stuff.

The only possible warning I have for you guys is to read the description. Don't let the title fool you in to thinking this is some kind of caramel explosion, it's much more refined and pleasant then that. I'm so glad I didn't let Blue Bunny send this one to Nick because it's totally my style.

Verdict?  Thumbs up!
Buy Again?  Actively searching for my next container!


  1. Where can I get that pie? That looks fantastic.

  2. you can look up "shoo fly pie" recipe on the internet, but be careful, there are two kinds. One is based on molasses (like in the picture) and the other is based on dark corn syrup (karo). I had my mom send me the karo recipe and will hopefully be including it in an upcoming post. It's a great, moist (but not sticky) pie and the texture combo was amazing. Easily one of my tastiest sundaes to date.

  3. your ice cream is good and love your ice cream parlor ,but the wells themselves are greedy people.

  4. Could you be more specific? is this about the Bob Vander Plaats mess from 2011?

  5. Found this ice cream at a bargain store & can't wait to try it.

  6. Might be a little freezer burned.....

  7. Lo compre una vez en sedanos y no lo e podido encontrar mas

  8. @Unknown: they only made it for two years, that's why you can't find it anymore.


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