Sunday, December 22, 2013

More Gelato Fiasco Sorbetto
Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar & Dark Chocolate Noir

The best part about getting free samples from a company is that it gives me the chance to expand my horizons without denting my wallet. Case in point, I've had my eye on similar flavors from other companies for awhile now, but I just couldnt' get past the price hurdle. Well, Gelato Fiasco is here to show me the light on two flavors: balsamic vinegar in a frozen treat, and the curiousity that is chocolate sorbet.

Gelato Fiasco Strawberry Balsamic Sorbetto (discontinued)
Gelato Fiasco Dark Chocolate Noir Sorbetto

Yes, somehow I got up the nerve to treat a frozen treat with vinegar in it! It's a brave new day people, but vinegar is cool right? Hehehe. Actually, I really wanted something light and fruity and this was my best option, so I went for it. I think I can! I think I can!

Ok, on the one hand, this SBS is really good. On the other hand, I can't get over the smell! I don't get vinegar on a salad, let alone in my ice cream. I mean, technically speaking I understand that the vinegar accentuates the strawberry flavor (which really pops here), but on a personal level, I don't get wanting to smell vinegar while I enjoy something so sweet and tasty. I've sampled this a few times and while I dig the popping strawberry sorbetto, I'm not sure how many tries it's going to take to get over the smell.

On Second Scoop: This one is gone now and the gentle yet ever present aroma aside, there is part of me that will miss the crispness of this particular strawberry treat. It's such a vibrant flavor that's hard to resist, even for me. Thanks for the learning lesson guys!

Another day, I've got a cold, and I need a chocolate fix. I'm not even sure how to photograph it because it's so dark, my usual (pitiful) bag of tricks just isn't going to cut it... hopefully you still get the idea though. It's dark, it's dense, and it smells wonderful.

Wow, this stuff is so dark and rich, color me very impressed. The first comparison that pops into my mind is that it reminds me of brownie batter. It's dark, rich, and as you may have guessed, a little goes a real long way. Use a small spoon on the this one my friends.

Ok, I tried to photograph my finished bowl because the melted remains look like hot fudge sauce, actually, you could say this tastes like frozen hot fudge sauce as well.

On Second Scoop: I'm such an idiot for not trying chocolate sorbetto sooner. This is just such a neat trick, like cold spoonable fudge or something. Again, so dark, so rich, so so so much fun to slow scoop. It's low fat so you can have a bunch, but take this one slow, real slow, and really enjoy every bite, the way fancy chocolate stuff is meant to be devoured. I never have a ton of it because a bunch of some bites is enough to get my chocolate fix and get me going again. Awesome job, I'll never hesitate on a chocolate sorbetto again!

Verdict?  Both are excellent
Buy Again?  Yup!


  1. I think it's good to branch out every now and again, even if it results in a fail. Hey, it's still a tasty fail right? I'd want to try the strawberry but the savory thing never quite hits the mark for me either. Sometimes you can't go wrong with chocolate ;)

  2. I LOVE Gelato Fiasco (they are my favorite brand), but this chocolate sorbetto was a huge fail for me. It's way too rich, I can't eat it. I think this is the first time I've had ice cream that I can't eat =( Even my dad can't eat it, and he's my garbage disposal for anything I'm tired of or decide I'm not a huge fan of, haha.

  3. I dont know if I would call that a fail, and if you still have some left, may I humbly suggest using it in a milkshake to take the boldness down a notch.


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