Thursday, June 27, 2013

National Bomb Pop Day

Hello! Ahhh, Bomb Pops, a treat that turns 68 years old this year. Did you know the last Thursday of June is National Bomb Pop Day? Now I'll admit that I didn't know this day existed until just recently. I was talking to the fine folks over at Blue Bunny about how the 2013 ice cream season is going. We've really enjoyed all the free samples they've sent over (like the excellent Cadbury Dark Chocolate Bar) and eventually the conversation got on to Bomb Pops.

That's right, Wells has sent over 4 boxes of pops for us to celebrate. Oh yeah, we're having a Bomb Pop party tonight! We've got original, original sugar free, new Sour Wower, and new Hawaiian Punch. There are 12 "frozen confections" in each box, each clocking in at 1.75 fluid ounces a piece.

Now if you have never had a bomb pop (or like me you can't remember having one), each color represents a different flavor. For example, the original is cherry, lime, and blue raspberry. Ofcourse, the bigger question is, is this the original version or the sugar free version? See, I put all four pops on my daughter's plate and the only thing I told her was that with the matching pops, one was sugar free. To my surprise, she picked up one, went "sugar free", put it down, picked up the other one and went "mmmm, sugar".

Have I trained my daughter well enough to know which is which? Well, I did the same test to myself and sure enough, you can tell the difference. The sugar free pop is much more mild than the regular pop and just has that sugar free vibe to it. It's decent, but not something I myself would purchase.

This is the new (for 2013) Sour Wower Bomb Pop.... and I was wowwed into the bleck face alright. I know some people dig the whole tart thing... but wow... wow oh wow. My daughter tried it quick and made the bleck face too. My wife comes in and says "it can't be that bad". Well, live and learn. She took a few small tastes and said it was ok.... but then she took that big taste where you hit multiple flavors... and then she made the bleck face. These are hard core people. You have been warned.

This is the new (for 2013) Hawaiian Punch Bomb Pop. It's a combination of Orange Ocean, Fruit Juicy Red & Green Berry Rush. While the original bomb pop won out as the family favorite, this one a close second. At one point my daughter was even alternating between this one and the original, it was pretty funny. I want to say that this had just the tiniest bit of bite to it, but that could have just been the sour wower lingering. Point is, if you like bomb pops, don't be afraid to try these new Hawaiian Punch ones.

Alright, happy national bomb pop day everyone, see you next year!


  1. I like the sound of those HP ones. They actually contain my 3 favorite flavors.

  2. Great post Dubba. It brought back happy memories of playing outside as a little girl and waiting for the ice cream man. We would buy these for a nickel!

    Got a kick out of your daughter immediately being able to tell which one was sugar free. A little ice cream blogger in the making!


  3. Me too I'd try the HP ones as well! And thanks for the warning Dubbs, I will def heed it ;)

  4. Back in the day they were much much bigger


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