Monday, June 17, 2013

McDonald's new Dulce de Leche shake
and the Nosh Show Episode 6

So, are ya ready for the next Nosh Show?

Episode 6 of The Nosh Show is now available! Head on over to The Nosh Show website to listen and to see a complete rundown of everything we talked about. It's an interesting episode that delves deep into my inner crankiness. Sorry, but seriously, we cover the usual gamut of upcoming craziness but also take the time to point out some of the majors winners and failures of the first half of the 2013 noshing season. Hopefully you'll enjoy this latest episode. Please feel free to leave comments here or on the nosh show website.

As always, we try to jam in some product testing between shows and so for this one let me share with you the new McDonald's Dulce de Leche shake. If you're like me and can't say Dulce de Leche, have no fear, McDonald's has subtitled this new treat as the "new Caramel shake" on their menu board.

As I mentioned in the show, we've got good news and bad news. The good news is that this shake tastes like someone poured the caramel sundae sauce into a vanilla milkshake, so it's got a nice strong, familiar flavor. The bad news is that this shake tastes like someone poured the caramel sundae sauce into a vanilla milkshake. Rather than using something specifically for the shake, they've used what was on hand but we all know that sauce does not equal flavoring. Oh sure it tries, but just look at it, the base shake is still white! You can't just willy nilly throw things together and hope for the best.

I would take a sip and my first thought is "cool, it's potent" but as that sip finishes it leaves this sandpaper-y trail of dryness in your mouth. I literally felt like I was washing my shake down by sucking on my napkin. I know I tend to be a little harsh on caramel (despite my immense love of it), but this shake does not work... It doesn't work at all.

Verdict?  decent start, horrible finish
Buy Again?  NO


  1. The new episode was hilarious! Great job! I'm sad this shake was so bad - when I read this my first thought was Poor Nick he must be so bummed. My second thought was eww it's not worth even trying :(

  2. I have NO interest in that shake , sounds gross to me. And that fair food stuff Disgusting!! Shock value no doubt and I thought the KFC double down was bad or Denny's baconalia or Mozzorella stick grilled cheese. Doesn't compare to that doughnut sloppy joe! Ewww!

    Curious whats your favorite ice cream novelty and or Ice cream pint?

    I would try maybe the Lemon Oreos or like the old grasshopper cookie version. Im with you watermelon oreo jolly rancher? Umm no thanks.

    You guys are hilarious!


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