Monday, December 3, 2012

Limited Edition Holiday Season Flavors from Perry's

During November, Perry's was running a contest for three lucky people to win a pack of their seasonal flavors. Well, imagine my surprise when after sending out the winning containers, they also sent a pair to me! Woohoo! Well, I like you to Perry's. Let's dig in!

Peppermint Stick - a nice traditional pink and with multicolored bits
"Pink Peppermint Ice Cream with Red and Green Peppermint Candies"
White Christmas - looks like the candies from the Holiday Mint McFlurry
"Mint and White Chocolate flavored ice cream with red and green mint pieces"

Notice both are sealed (wish everyone still did this)
Both have mid range fat content

I'm sorry, but I gotta start with a plain scoop of the white chocolate. Rarely does a company attempt such a base, so it deserves to go first --- The mint flavor does seem to have diffused into the white chocolate a little, but overall, this is a neat base with a fairly strong flavor  A take another bite and I want to say that their is almost a sweet buttery vibe to the white chocolate. Very different and I can only hope Perry's uses this base in another flavor.

Ok, let's try it as White Christmas now. Well, it's different! I expected a minty blast but the white chocolate is holding its own against the mint. Sure, there are 2 (or 3) parts white chocolate for every one part mint, but together they are definitely delivering a unique flavor here. I like it. I do risk going into mint overload with all the mint flavors I've tried recently, so this unique white chocolate with a minty vibe is cool. If you served this up, people would totally be like "WHOA! What is that?"

It's definitely a soft ice cream, and the the red and green bits are nothing like McDonald's flurry bits (I feel bad for even thinking as such now). They don't really strike me as candy cane bits either though. They are just kind of, iunno, slivers of sugar crunch? I don't detect them throwing off any mint, though it's probably just subtle and buried in the overall flavor. They aren't super crunchy so maybe that's why they don't stand out. They seem more decorative then anything, though there are enough of them to keep the texture mixed up. Sorry, don't mean to talk in circles. Let's try the peppermint and see if we've cant get a better read on the mix-ins.

Ok, I'm taking the first bite of my peppermint puddle (It's melted a fair amount while I tried the other flavor first). Oh, now the red & green bits are definitely candy cane here. I got several in that first bite. They're even stuck in my teeth like a real candy cane hehehehe. Funny, the peppermint base is actually taking a quiet back seat to the over abundant colorful candy cane bits. Even in a small bite I'm getting enough of them to be crunching on both sides of my mouth.

That is just too funny, the ice cream has been out for a little bit, so it's just melting away and leaving candy cane bits on my tongue. I may be over thinking here, but this just seems like a fun (and not overpowering) take on peppermint stick.

I'm going to try these both again tomorrow when they are bit more solid, but right now, I'm really impressed. Nice job Perry's, I'm feeling more festive and happier now.

On Second Scoop: So I put both flavors in my bowl again, but this time I've got my daughter with me. You know, my impressions haven't really changed. Even when mixed together, the white chocolate still overpowers the mint, it's maybe a 80/20 split on flavor. Man I want to see this white chocolate somewhere else. My daughter actually prefers the peppermint stick, I'm guessing because of the hard candy cane bits... and she likes pink too hehehehe.

On Third Scoop: Ok, I just cheated and scooped myself a bowl of 90% white chocolate ice cream. Mmmmm, good stuff. It's such a sweet flavor and I can totally seeing it being used in a ton of other flavors. It's almost has the inherent sweet vibe you might find in a real nice caramel swirl. It's just cool. The possibilities are endless, just close your eyes and visualize it with a hundred different mix-ins. (Hey Perry's, if you need help developing new white chocolate flavors, you know where to find me)

Verdict?  Both are fun takes during this season of mint overload
Buy Again?  Yup

Thanks again to Perry's for the free samples!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, those are probably like, the most beautiful ice creams I've ever seen, haha! Really want to try White Christmas - too bad dairy hates me. :/

Mitch said...

these both look great! I wish perry's was more prevalent in my area

Dubba Scoops said...

have you tried any lactose free frozen treats? that seems to be the new thing

Dubba Scoops said...

me too, my local selection is almost non-existent, so I have to rely on Perry's generosity to help keep me in the loop.