Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Ten Most Popular Reviews of 2012

Hard to believe it's the final day of 2012. It's been a crazy year that has gone faster than all the years before that. I know, that's just part of getting older, but time really seems to go faster when you have an ever growing list of things to worry about.

Now I haven't tried this before, but I think we need to count down the top ten posts of 2012. This isn't necessarily my top ten favorite products of 2012, but I will admit that #1 is near and dear to my heart gut. If you want, take a second to think of a few things that might be on the list... ok, ready? let's go!

2012 Review Countdown

#10 Breyers BLASTS! Golden Oreo
To my surprise, Breyers BLASTS Golden Oreo starts off our countdown. I'm not a huge fan of frozen dairy dessert, but you have to admire Breyers tenacity with this product line. They've got the pedal to the metal and it should be interesting to see what new flavors might arrive in 2013 (we may even have one of them sooner than you think!)

#9 Blue Bunny 24 Karat Carrot Cake Ice Cream
Blue Bunny dished up a few new additions to the Duff Goldman inspired lineup which helped give Blue Bunny their only appearance on the list but please do not sell them short by any means. They always have lots of new stuff every year so I expect great things as always in 2013.

#8 Dairy Queen Confetti Cake Blizzard (May 2012)
The Blizzard of the month tends to be a pretty popular post, but curiosity about the Confetti Cake Blizzard that takes top prize this year.

#7 York Peppermint Pattie Ice Cream Bars
I'm actually pretty happy to see the new York Peppermint Pattie ice cream treats come in at #6.  It's a great treat that makes a nice addition to your current freezer selection.

#6 Ben & Jerry's introduces new Greek Frozen Yogurt
The Greek froyo craze exploded this year and while I'm not really a convert yet, I would love to see Ben & Jerry's get a little more fun and creative with this lineup in 2013.

#5 Ben & Jerry's Rocky Road-ish
The oddball Rocky Road-ish was actually found during the first few days of 2012. You may not love it, but you have to appreciate the creativity here.

#4 Klondike Chocolate Choco Taco
The mighty Choco Taco got two new brothers this year, the fun Chocolate version and the hard to find Peanut Butter variety. Now if only they could give us a crunchy shell guarantee.

#3 Wendy's Strawberry Shortcake Frosty Parfait
Wow, despite new treats from BK and MickeyD's, Wendy's is the only one to break into our countdown.

#2 I almost puked up the new Oreo Coolatta
Who knew so many people would be amused by my almost puking on the drive home? Fun Times!

and the #1 most popular post of 2012 is....

I can't lie, a pint of Chocolate Therapy is a mighty edition to the Ben & Jerry's lineup. If you haven't tried it yet, there's still a few hours to get it in before the year is done.

Ok, thanks for sticking with the blog this year. I like to think we've had a lot of fun and hopefully we'll take things up a notch in 2013. Alright, go have some fun, and be safe, I expect to see you all back here tomorrow.

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  1. Excellent job as always Dubs! I loved the Carrot Cake, and the Chocolate Therapy. And yes the post about Dunkin messing up your coolatta was epic and made me go try the thing! haha


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