Friday, November 30, 2012

Haagen-Dazs Salted Caramel Ice Cream Bar Review

[By Nick, Limited Editon in 2012, Full time in 2013] New this year, along with releasing their usual batch of limited edition pints, Haagen-Dazs also added a limited edition bar into the mix.

Now salted caramel seems to be the latest trend among food companies so it only seems natural for Haagen-Dazs to jump on the bandwagon. Described as “rich caramel ribbons and a hint of sea salt blended into creamy vanilla ice cream dipped in fine milk chocolate”, this sounds like a very epic bar....

My only problem with the description is that the picture on the box shows two ribbons of caramel that aren’t blended as they just look piped into the ice cream. I know I’m nitpicking but when you say blended I think of something that’s swirled and not straight. Though I do love the regal purple they use to depict their limited edition flavors. It’s a lot more eye catching than just the words “limited edition” on the box.

(Dubba: Ha, the wrapper matches the box!)

Taking it out of the wrapper, it looks like your standard ice cream bar. 
Not much to talk about here so let’s take a look on what’s on the inside. 

Holding true to the promo photo, there are indeed two streaks of caramel going through the ice cream. Upon my first bite, I knew I was in for something special. First you’re greeted by the rich milk chocolate shell that is leaps and bounds ahead of Klondike bar and right up there with Magnum in quality. It isn’t all that structurally solid because random pieces tend to break off easily when bit into. Then the vanilla ice cream comes into play but isn’t particularly bold in flavor but still dense and creamy. What truly make these exceptional are the caramel ribbons. They’re a lot more buttery than I had imagined but the hint of salt keeps that in check. The saltiness is subtle in the beginning but when you progress into the bar, you start to pick up on it more. This is sweet and saltiness at it’s finest and now I’m off to go stock up on these bars before they disappear off the shelves.

Hey Haagen-Daaz, make these a permanent flavor please.

Verdict?  Redefining the standards for sweet and salty combinations
Buy Again?  There’s already another box in my freezer

2013: These have become a permanent flavor, good call Nick!


  1. the salted caramel truffle pints by them are awesome as well so I wouldnt expect anything less from these. definitely recommend trying that flavor out some time....I rarely find myself eating "novelties" or "bars" but these have definitely piqued my interest.

    1. I enjoy novelties just for the whole convenience factor. No spoon or bowl required though I'll have to find one of the pints and give it a go before it's gone. Oh by the way, sea salt caramel talenti has now infiltrated my local stores so I'll be trying that was as well soon and letting you know what I think seeing as Dubba already review it.

  2. Please. bring the salted caramel bars back. Everytime I find something I really like it's gone. While you're at it how about Vanilla Fudge or the one with the ribbon of Hazelnut Fudge; miss them all.

    1. You might want to write Haagen-Dazs seeing as I have no control over what products they put out.


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