Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trying out the Aardvark Multi-purpose Strainer

A few weeks ago I got an email from the fine folks of Float Pro LLC. They are the people behind the new Aardvark Multi-purpose Strainer. As an ice cream guru, they asked if I would be interested in trying a free Aardvark since it's original purpose was as a Root Beer Float maker (usually price is just $9.99 plus S&H). I haven't had a float in awhile, so I was more than happy to give the Aardvark a try.

Here is the Aardvark Multi-Purpose Strainer. 
Hmmm, it's thinner then I expected.
It's also kinda cute with those little ear handles.

Treat Products ASSEMBLE!
(sorry, but I'm really psyched about the Avengers movie)

That's pretty cool how the Aardvark fits perfectly in my glass.

I decided that our first float should be traditional. 
We've got A&W Root Beer and Graeter's Vanilla Ice Cream
(and yes, those are mickey mouse ice cubes)

Per instructions : First goes in the ice

Next goes in the soda
(I poured slowly for extra chill)

That foamed up more than I expected.

Plop goes the ice cream!
It foams a bit, but it's not crazy foam.
(I think I pushed it down to mix it up a little)

Look, it already calmed down.
At no point was I worried about having to clean up a mess.

I poked the ice cream with my straw to mix things up a bit.
The product seems to work well enough, it's the flavor that isn't doing a whole lot for me.

I decided to mix the whole thing up after adding more ice cream.
Hmmm, still not as good as a Burger King ICEE float.

At this point, my only real problem is flavor combo. 
What do I really want to do with the Aardvark?
I want to mix Cherry Coke and that Archer Farms Cherry Amaretto Gelato.

For comparison, here is just a bit of root beer poured on
an unsuspecting frozen victim. Notice the crazy bubbling.

So, the product does what they say it does. It makes a cleaner float, I won't argue that. I just need to spice my flavors up more next time. Hey, maybe they can add a little flavor combo guide on their website (or you can submit your own ideas on their facebook page).

What I really like about this product is that it's also got some handy dandy secondary uses as a small strainer. I hate breaking out the pasta strainer to wash grapes or strawberries, so I  wind up rinsing by hand. I always, without fail, drop some in the drain. With this little strainer handy, I can do a quick rinse without making a mess.

If you want to give this one a try, head on over to where you can watch the demonstration video or purchase the strainer.

Are you not convinced?

If you are like me, you are probably thinking something like "Dubba, ofcourse your float foamed up when you dumped in your ice cream first. That's why I put my ice cream in last". Hey, that's a valid argument, and one that needs to be tested.

Hey, it barely foamed at all!

hehehehe, just wacked the ice cream down with a spoon.
Now we've got some action!

Thing is, the bubbling is somewhat controlled, so what's the big deal?

Coke and Gelato
Yeah.... I may have agitated things up a bit too much.

So have I disproved the Aardvark's grand claims of a better float? No actually, and do you know why? Better yet, do you know what's really bugging me? The non-Aardvark floats are warm! How can cold coke and ice cream be warm? Hey, it's a reaction, and with that reaction energy (heat) is released. Now I remember why I don't like coke floats and now I am confident that the Aardvark method is the smarter way to do things. That pre-chilling of the soda makes a huge difference and makes for a colder and more enjoyable treat. I am now a believer. Nice job guys!

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