Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poll Results

Doh, I never posted the results to the last poll question. It was brought on by Zagat's saying that the DQ shake is better than Ben & Jerry's & Coldstone. Really Zagat's? That's like saying a Chevy Cruze is nicer than a Mercedes. Sure, the Cruze might be a fine vehicle, but it isn't even in the same league as the Benz. To prove this point, I did my own informal survey.

Poll Question:
Who really makes the best shake?

Ben & Jerry's  73 (27%)
Coldstone  55 (20%)
Dairy Queen  48 (17%)
McDonalds  36 (13%)
Sonic  33 (12%)
Wendys  19 (7%)
Burger King  5 (1%)

 269 votes total

Shocking! Sure, DQ got a respectable 48 votes, but there's no way it's better. Cheaper? Ya. Less bad for you? probably. But tastier? Not even close.

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