Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Hill Double Decker Treat Review

Awhile ago I mentioned that Target had started carrying the Turkey Hill brand (though it might just be on the east side of the Mighty Mississippi). My timing is usually off, but I finally hit Target on the way home and picked up a pair of fancy ice cream sandwiches.

Turkey Hill Double Decker Ice Cream Sandwiches
Premium vanilla and chocolate ice cream layered between chocolate and vanilla wafers

Double Decker is 4 fl oz treat of premium vanilla and chocolate ice cream layered between chocolate and vanilla wafers. Let's be honest with ourselves, we know this is a gimmick. With any luck it will taste good, but at a minimum, we can say we tried it.

Here he is unwrapped and thankfully it looks just like the picture. Truth in advertisting is always a great way to start. The picture says it all, so let's keep this quick trip going.

This treat tastes exactly how it looks. It doesn't taste quite like a regular ice cream sandwich nor does it tastes like the inverse. The flavors are pretty much 50/50 and cancel each other out. It's like chocolate ice cream with a vanilla swirl ice cream. It doesn't add anything. You can't taste the vanilla, yet you don't get that chocolate punch. I guess this might work if you dig that kind of mild thing, but I've already had an affinity for the classic vanilla ice cream on chocolate wafer, so this kind of seems like a waste. I'd much rather see the classic style and then also have the option of chocolate on vanilla wafers sold all by themselves.

...and then my wife chimes in with "these are really good"... I'm not surprised really. I tend to like my flavors distinct while she is fine with mild. I will agree that this is a fine sandwich. It's decent ice cream sandwiched between decent wafers. They aren't crunchy, but not overly sticky either, just a nice traditional texture. I sampled both the vanilla and chocolate wafers by themselves and they were fairly mild : kind of a mushy cookie flavor and texture... HA, now that was a non-positive way to describe them. I just mean they aren't a super flavorful.

Ok, I think I'm rambling a little because I'm tired. My point is that I don't mind that I spent $2.99 giving these a try. I'm sure anyone looking for a mild treat will enjoy them. Just don't expect to be blown away by some mega vanilla or chocolate flavor.

Verdict?  not bad, but not exciting
Buy Again?  nah  My wife says yes!

On Second Scoop: I had two or three of these and though they are well made, I just didn't dig the compromise between vanilla and chocolate. That said, my wife really enjoyed the different approach to the standard fair and finished off the box for me. Hmmm, well, all I can say is : stay tuned as we try other flavors!


  1. How were these fluid ounces? :p

    I saw they have a limited edition strawberry cheesecake sandwich, hopefully that one is better.

  2. hahaha, smart (alec).... the other box is indeed the cheesecake variety, so stay tuned (I hope the wafers are nice and graham-y, but they might be the same wafers I tried here)


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