Friday, September 30, 2011

Wendy's "NEW" Caramel Apple Frosty Parfait

[New for 2011] Back in June, Wendy's debuted 3 new Frosty Parfaits... some people tried it and the summer went on... and then at the end of August, Wendy's "debuted" the new Caramel Apple Frosty Parfait AGAIN. Are you trying to mess with our minds Wendy's? yeah. Did something change? nope. Did not enough people try it? maybe. Well, I needed a snack before I head back to the office, so I spun the car around and decided to try the "NEW" snack (you know, the one my wife approved of way back in June).

Here's what $1.92 bought me : a fairly thin looking treat that still manages to pack 400 calories. We've got "creamy, classic Frosty swirled with all-natural brown sugar granola, fresh red and green apple slices, and real caramel. It’s a tasty, feel-good treat". It certainly looks fancier than the McDonald's version, but will it taste better?

Ummm, why is it bubbling? It's only been a few minutes and it's not like it's a hot day... I wonder if the frosty mix wasn't quite ready yet? This has me a little worried.

Trying to ignore the fact that my couple minute old treat is melting super fast, let's take a look at it (before it gets worse). We have small wedges of green and red apples and our caramel sauce looks pretty thin (liquidy). The brown sugar granola looks tasty enough, let's dig in.

I take my first bite and my treat is indeed super soft. I got a big scoop of granola and caramel and it's very sweet on that first bite. I press on but I don't get an apple slice with every bite, and in this case that's going to be a good thing because one of these apples is way too tart (the green ones maybe?).

Wow, this treat is so soft that I am just blowing through it. Heck, I could probably drink it with the straw they gave me. You know, this isn't the first time my frosty product has been soft during the lunchtime rush. Actually, it was when I tried the Oreo Parfait and that was real soft too. Bummer, because the lack of solidness is preventing me from slowing down enough to enjoy this treat.

The granola lasted longer then expected, though there still wasn't really enough. Maybe if the granola was more spread out and not clumped together by the caramel then that may have helped. At least the caramel kept the granola from being too dry. The caramel has a fine taste, though I need to stress that it's so thin that it just runs everywhere.

This parfait may not have been the perfect example, but I was way more pleased with my McD's parfait review that I am with this thing. These things are suppose to be a nice cold treat, not a puddle. Even if it's a fluke, it's enough to make me go "Ehhh, I'll pass".

Verdict?  too soft, too tart & gone way too quick
Buy Again?  I will probably try one more time to see if it was a fluke

Note: Looks like the Wildberry Frosty Parfait has been retired, at least for the season. I'm glad I tried it before it was gone... oh crud, that was the Wildberry Frosty Shake I tried, doh!! (Yes, the shake is still around)


  1. This one had been on my to-do list to try for quite some time. After reading your lukewarm (pun intended) review, it's not so much on my list anymore. If I'm at a Wendy's, I may get one, but I'm not going to go out of my way.

  2. I think the parfaits turn out a touch on the soft side because it takes so much longer for some of them to put together than just squeezing out some plain frosty. The level of melt is inversely proportional to their level of expertise, or experience. Man, that almost sounds scientific!

  3. i absolutely hate melted ice cream, it just completely ruins it, i dont want to drink it! if i did i would buy a shake!

  4. well the base is frosty mix isn't it? It's not soft serve, I'd expect it to melt like that. It may have been doomed from the start.

  5. Yeah, I guess it's a thin container and it's frosty mix meaning it could melt quicker.... but then why not serve it in a bowl? I know I'm nitpicking, but a yogurt parfait would have been thicker than this (plus it wouldn't have been bubbling).

    at some point, I'm going to hit a different wendy's at a non-rush time and see what happens.

  6. The caramel sauce they put in is warm/heated that's why it melts faster

  7. @Anon: one, this has been retired for years, and two, bubbling frosty is scary no matter what the temp of the caramel. I would have made the same comment if it was DQ or McDonalds.


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