Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dunkin Donuts Tropicana Orange Coolatta Review

Funny, according to this article, the Tropicana Orange Coolatta came out in 2005, but it seems like it's been so much longer than that -- WHOA, just had a flash back to when Coolattas first came out in the mid 90s and Dunkin Donuts was driving around Boston giving out free samples.

So here it is, and I don't think I've had one since... Iunno, 2005? hehehe. This was always my wife's favorite, but I've always been addicted to the strawberry. Hey, couples aren't suppose to agree on everything.

The going theory was that it pretty much tasted like an orange creamscicle, but now that my tastes have matured I'd say it's more orange than cream. Well, either I changed or maybe they've tweaked the formula over the years. It's definitely got more of an orange bite to it so I wound up taking things pretty slow. It's respectable, but it just doesn't satisfy my sweet tooth like the strawberry.

For the record, I begin everyday with a glass of Tropicana Orange Juice (no pulp, extra calcium). In fact, I get kinda cranky if I don't get my morning OJ. That said, I don't know if I could actually start my day with an orange coollatta (says the man who eats ice cream on the way to work).

2013 Update #1: Not sure when it happened, but this is now just the Orange Coolatta

2013 Update #2 (end of April): This is now just the Minute Maid Orange Coolatta


  1. They've changed the formula of almost all the Coolattas in the past 4-5 years to make mixing the Coolattas faster. That being said, if you mix the Vanilla Bean and the Tropicana together, you get a really Creamsicle esque flavor.

  2. cool, so it's not my imagination. thanks for the tip! (coolattas do seem to be zip and go nowadays)

  3. I am not a fan of just plain orange, but the idea to mix the Tropicana with Vanilla Bean sounds great.



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