Monday, August 8, 2011

Ben & Jerry's Black Raspberry Frozen Yogurt
A Scoop Shoppe Only Flavor Review

Update 2012: This one has been discontinued. What a shame.

The other day I was almost sure I saw one of my co-workers eating ice cream.... and then I half heard a joke about an ice cream truck. You know, you really shouldn't joke about these things. Well, today, on a day most humid, two of my co-workers asked if I wanted anything from Ben & Jerry's.

Silly coworkers, Of course I do! In fact, I went with them!

Now you all know I get a kick out of Ben & Jerry's shakes, and I always try to pick up a scoop shoppe only flavor, so I thought I would be good and try a Black Raspberry frozen yogurt shake. I definitely enjoyed my Half Baked Froyo shake, so I thought I would be different.

To my surprise, my server asked if I wanted skim milk or whole milk. Interesting, I've never been asked that before, but I appreciated it none the less. Now I've already knocked myself down to a mere 10 calories of fat per serving by going with froyo, so I went whole milk - but don't be surprised if I get some regular ice cream with skim milk at some point.

For whatever reason, our servers did a terrible job blending the shakes. I wound up just stirring mine up when we got back to the office, but my coworker actually went back in for a second blend - which was totally understandably, especially considering they had overflowed his cup and then put a flat lid on top making the whole thing explode everywhere. At $5.50 a shake, you expect a little better.

Sorry, I'm rambling about the details, and what you really want to know is that the shake was decent, but I am surprised by how potent the froyo was. I mean, it's been "watered" down by milk here, and the flavor is still coming on strong,  maybe even a smidge too strong. You know how some raspberry flavors have that real strong taste. It's not tart, but it's potent. Well, that's what I tasted here. Maybe that's why Magic Brownie is swirled with sweet cream ice cream, it's to take the flavor down a notch.

So, it just didn't work for me. I can't imagine ever wanting this again. Ok, maybe I'm just bitter because I felt full for the next 6 hours (don't ask me why, but I kid you not). Purchase at your own risk.


  1. I'm guessing the full fat milk could have had something to do with the satiety

  2. ha, this is true... but usually I'm full, not crazy uncomfortable full.

    Ahh, live and learn.


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