Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrating 7/11's Birthday with a free Alienade Slurpee

Oh thank heaven for 7-eleven... no, wait, that campaign ended awhile ago. Oh I remember those commercials well...  wait again! is that Jeremy Renner? HAHAHAHA, oh man, never dawned on me how many commercials he was in. Sorry, getting side tracked.

Now I thought I had been to 7-11 once before during the life of the blog, but I can't find any review.

Well, I guess the 84th birthday celebration of the largest convience store chain on the planet. Happy Birthday bud!  It's seems like just yesterday we met. You, me, and wawa, the snacking trifecta that got me started.

No no no, that picture won't due. it's looks radioactive...

Ok, that's better : 7.11 ounces of chilled ALIENADE slurpee
(there was more but it melted as I grabbed a quarter pound "big bite" hot dog)

Ok, so I've got the A/C crankin' in the car and I'm ready to try my small but perfectly priced treat. I take my first swig and... WHOA is that potent! I sure hope Cowboys & Aliens is better than this drink (update: yeah, the movie, like this drink, was disappointing)

Now alienade is billed as the unearthly flavor combination that combines strawberry, raspberry and lemonade in an exciting new way. I have another way to describe it: SMARTIES on steroids.

Thank you for the free drink 7-11... in fact, thank you very much for not making pay for this drink, because if you had, I'd be pretty upset right now. I was immensely thirsty and I had trouble choking down 7oz of this stuff. It's just that bad. I don't know who samples these mixes, but wow, talk about overkill. I'd say I'm crazy but this funny, foul-mouthed review tells me I'm right on the money.

Have no fear though. With 7-11 just moments away from my new job, I'll be keeping a closer eye on their monthly endeavors. Stay tuned!


Brad @ IceCreamUScream said...

"Smarties on steroids" is certainly frightening. But better they made an Alienade Slurpee than, say a Cowboy Sweat Slurpee.

Dubba Scoops said...

that is disturbing, yet at the same time, I still think they would taste about the same.