Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dairy Queen Mint Oreo Blizzard of the Month for March

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! Woohoo! There are usually three things that I can do with my unofficial-irish-ness on this particular day. No, drinking is not one of them.

One, ya gotta wear green (for me, it's often inadvertently).
Two, ya gotta eat something green.
Three, ya gotta have corned beef... MMMMM, oh I adore corned beef!

Anyway, if you are trying to avoid green beer, or more importantly trying to avoid a certain green shake (which has a fanbase yet seems to have nothing but bad reviews online), why not try a green blizzard? Now I'll say up front what you are probably already thinking: you're going to flash black to the thin mint blizzard on your very first taste of this one.

Here's the advertised version

And here's mine, complete with a very green streak of mint flavoring

The mint flavor is the main player here, with cookie bits backing him up. I did indeed think thin mint at first, but as you bite into the larger cookies & cream bits, you do realize this is not 100% the same, just very similar. You can see from the picture that there are tiny cookie bits everywhere, and the mint flavor, while varying in color, seemed strong yet balanced in every bite. Like most blizzards, there were a few bit cookie chunks, but not a ton.

Now I did have to wait for a day when I was really hungry and then struck with the urge for a minty treat, but that's just my general opinion of mint products. Overall I enjoyed my treat which did a lovely job of replacing the leftovers I usually bring for lunch. It was surprising to me that I found something very enjoyable about a mint blizzard. I guess the mint base is in just the right frozen-liquidy state for maximum satisfaction.

I couldn't eat mint every day, but I'm actually mildly inclined to pick up another before the month is through (that may sound strange but it's a compliment coming from me)

Verdict?  Enjoyable
Buy Again?  At least once a year

History: March 2013 blizzard, March 2012 blizzard, March 2011 blizzard, March 2010 blizzard, March 2009 blizzard....


Lot-O-Choc said...

mm i love mint flavoured things, this looks so delicious!

zombieman said...

now i have to admit that i totally agreed with your posts about how shakes are just milk and ice cream, but that looks so bloody good.

sooooooooooo good.

Unknown said...

I have to admit that my mint choc shake was nothing but a vanilla shake with tasteless little bits in it. Major disappointment.