Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Does it shake?

So you all know that every now and then I profess my love of milkshakes. I can't help it, in fact, I'm starting to think I not only love the flavor and texture, but deep down I think I'm also fascinated by the temperature of milkshakes. The fact is that I'm that cranky dude who gets miffed when his food isn't piping hot and I also expect my beverages to be icy cold.

A few weeks ago I had an idea. I've always wanted to add a little synopsis at the bottom of every post but I just never seem to get around to it. To me, there seem to be a few basic questions that should be recapped.

1) Did I like it?
2) Would I buy it again? (is it worth it?)

and for my latest thought...

wait for it...

3) Does it shake?

hehehehe, ok, it really should be "Does it make a good milkshake?" To me a milkshake is a simple thing: Container, ice cream, milk, stir. Is this a helpful question? Iunno. Is this a fair question? maybe, it's not like I measure the amount of ice cream or milk that goes in. You pour in some milk, check your consistancy, and then toss in some more if necessary. It's not rocket science by any means. I ask if it's fair because there is the distinct chance that any flavor I make might wind up getting masked by Nesquik. Ok, that's give an example.

Can you make a low fat milkshake?

I love milkshakes but they are by no means easy on the weight scale. Considering my milkshake cup holds 2 cups of shaky goodness, I could easily go over 800 calories if I'm not careful if I used B&J or H-D. I need a milkshake, but I don't want to go crazy. So, it's time to try and redeem the weirdness that is Breyer's Fat Free Strawberry ice cream. To keep it light, I'm going to run with some 1% organic chocolate milk. When all is said & done, I've got a cup and half of ice cream and milk and I'm at a mere 300 calories! Now we're talking! The fat free ice cream melts quick and the milkshake is ready for testing. Hmmm, not quite enough chocolate flavor to get that great choco-berry taste I love... wow, that's a really good name actually. Quick, I need to copyright that!

Anyway, I dumped in a little too much chocolate but I still enjoyed my icy cold treat. Sure it didn't have that super thick creamy texture of the 800 calorie shake, but it was still had a refreshing taste that was almost guilt free at 300 cals and minimal fat. You know, there might be something to this milkshake question!

On Second Scoop: I stand corrected. I tried this a second time and it didn't come out nearly as well. I'm thinking the overload of chocolate covered up any other flaws. The fat free / 1% combo will still suffice, it's just that your mileage my vary.

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