Friday, August 6, 2010

DQ Oreo Brownie Earthquake Blizzard
August 2010 Blizzard of the Month

So, did you make it to DQ yesterday? I am glad I did, because I got the try a new blizzard and support a good cause. So, without further ado, behold....

The DQ Oreo Brownie Earthquake blizzard! It sounds awful tempting with Oreo cookies and fudge brownie pieces blended with hot fudge, marshmallow and creamy vanilla soft serve, but what does it really look like?

Notice the big pile of Oreos and brownie pieces up top. You know, I always find it so... ummm... "curious" that while I can wind up with a ton of brownies, somebody else might get squat. My blizzard must have been blended perfectly too because I literally got a chewy brownie bite in every scoop. I would have been in brownie heaven if the brownies had been just a bit fresher.

My overall opinion? This blizzard is ok. The brownie bits just didn't play well off the Oreo bits. Maybe that's why though don't make a brownie Oreo because the two of them just didn't seem to compliment each other very well (correction: there is an Oreo Brownie Bar, my bad!). I wish the hot fudge had stayed a bit more intact. I think the contrast of vanilla versus the hot fudge (which I found in an occasional early bite) would have offered a nicer setup for the mixins and brought everything together better...  actually, go back to the oreo cookie jar blizzard and you will notice the generous use of fudge in that blizzard --- I guess fudge really is the glue that holds these particular blizzards together.

I haven't mentioned the marshmallow because if there was any in there, I missed it...

I guess we will chalk this one to a good idea with a decent execution. If it's done right, it'll be awesome. If not, it's still not bad.

A final note of praise to DQ for actually labeling the miracle treat day banners with a spot that says "$1 from each blizzard goes to the Children's Miracle Network". We live in a world of disinformation so it was a good call to spell everything out for everyone.

If you missed miracle treat day yesterday, you still have time to catch it in Canada on August 12th. Field Trip anyone?

On Second Scoop: Wow, what a difference one employee can make. I was carefully watching how my treat was made. Softserve, a wad of brownies, two shakes of oreo cookes, a squirt of chocolate/fudge sauce, and TWO squirts of marshmallow flavor... That's right, I said two giant squirtfuls of fake marshmallow flavor. I would have prefered two squirts of fudge and one squirt of marshmallow. I feel bad because last time I complained that I couldn't taste the marshmallow at all, but now it's all I can taste and that's a shame since the brownies are alot fresher this time.


  1. Do you ever ask for extra stuff in your blizzards(i know it costs extra, but it is worth it!)? Perhaps this might have benefited from some extra goodies.

  2. You know, I've been tempted from time to time, but since I only make it to DQ about once a month, I try to focus on the "average" blizzard of the month.

    frankly, i'm not sure what the proper etiquette would be on asking your server for the "right amount" of fudge on this one.

  3. Actually I think there is an Oreo Brownie. I've never had it, and it's probably gross, but it exists.

    Blizzards look so good, but they are so, so terrible for you! I can't remember the last time I had one...

  4. Walk to DQ, than there is zero guilt :)

    and your right, there is an oreo brownie bar!


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