Friday, January 29, 2010

PhillySwirl Original Italian Ice Swirls
Part 1 of a 2 part mini series

Let me ask a question: Is it fair to review something I tried some ...hold on, counting... some 6 weeks ago? Well, half tried anyway. 3 of them are still in the freezer. Let me show you what I'm talking about.

Here is the product in question: a 6 pack of Phillswirl original Italian ice swirls.Seemed like a great review opportunity really. 1 snack a night, a mere 92 calories per serving, no fat to speak of ...what could possibly go wrong??

I do enjoy sherbet from time to time, and I'm always on the lookout for something frozen and fat free to mix with my ice cream addiction, so these cups seemed like a natural fit into my routine. Even though I had six choices, it wasn't had to pick which one I wanted first. I started with the new bluesberry jam which is a black raspberry and blue raspberry swirl. Mmmm, sounds like it should be awesome right? WRONG. BORING. It tastes like the last few sips of those cheap ICEEs I get at BJs now and then. I ate the whole thing but it was very disappointing.

My wife then tried cotton candy. She was unamused.

I wasn't about to give up as I decided to try the one they call CherryMelon. It's a ...wait for it... cherry and watermelon swirl. It's been six week, so i have now forgotten if I didn't like the melon part or the cherry part, but either way, I was unamused. I'm not even sure I bothered to finish it. Oh I want to say it was the cherry that was annoying me.

So, that's my horribly unimpressive review, my apologies. All the words aren't there, but my feelings are right on. These may have a "new smoother texture", but I'm still horribly unimpressed.

current packaging (courtesy of phillyswirl)

2014 Note: I never actually finished the second part of this adventure. Despite buying these at the end of of 2009, the untried flavors were still in my freezer during the great ice storm of October 2011. All was lost, it was not cool.... well, I mean, the loss of everything else was terrible, I wasn't too broken up about not finishing these obviously.


  1. Personally I really really loved these. I find the flavors refreshing. The ones with lemon or tangerine ( the ones that you didn't try) have a tangy note instead of just sweet and so most people think those have a stronger overall flavor, though really I prefer the non-tangy ones and the raspberry one is actually my favorite personally. Everyone has different taste though. All of my friends and family love them though, so I almost wonder if maybe you and your wife were on anti-biotics because they can change your perception of taste...some other meds can too.....

  2. None of the words I want to type are appropriate for this website.

    Please don't come back.


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