Sunday, December 6, 2009

Molli Coolz! Cookies & Cream SHAKER

It's funny how the internet works. Sure, a positive review should make us want to run out and grab that treat, but shouldn't a negative review have the same effect? Sometimes it does, but it's no guarantee. Case in point: Phoood's review of the Molli Coolz thick & creamy milkshake SHAKERS. The reviewer is quiet harsh. How can an ice cream product be the worst thing he's ever reviewed? I've eaten some nasty (stuff) in my day, and I can think of a lot worse things than a faux milkshake.

Ok, so here it is. I apologize it took so long to actually get them on the blog. Now I haven't even opened the container yet but I can tell the ice cream bits are all stuck together. Step 1 is to shake them loose. Makes sense, let's run with that.

Might be hard to see, but it's all broken up. I did cheat and sample the mix to see if it tasted like normal ice cream balls. Yup, pretty much the same unamusing funk to it.

Step 2 is to pour in the milk. Now they are kinda sneaky on nutrition facts by adding 6 ounces of skim milk. As an ice cream addict, do you really think I have skim milk in my house? Of course not, but I do love our local organic 2% milk. mmmmmm. ice cold milk. Milk goes in. You can fill it to at least the "Xtra Thick" line, or give it just a bit more milk for a "Creamy Thick" shake. To be as fair as possible, I filled it to the middle of those two marks.

Now "SHAKE IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT" (their words, not mine). It says 30 seconds but it was longer than that. You'll know when to stop (you can peak if necessary).

Step 3 is ENJOY, but let's ponder on this view for a moment. The milkshake describes itself as "The UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS Shake-It-Yourself Milkshake!". Yeah, if you have to YELL at me in caps, I know something is up. It goes on to say it's "the best shake you've ever had. BELIEVE IT!" There they go with the yelling again. I've had the best milkshake ever, I even wrote about it the day I started blogging. They think they can top that? That's a mighty bold prediction.

Ok, let's see if was right. I decided to go as authentic as possible and used a straw. Doh, shake is still a bit to thick. A bit more shaking and I'm ready to go. It's decent, I definitely wouldnt' call it the worst thing ever. The funky frozen ice cream bits wind up giving the whole thing a bit of a watered down taste. I can't imagine actually using skim milk because it probably would be awful, but with 2%, it's not bad. As long as you shake it enough, the cookies & cream flavor is evenly distributed, and the texture is decent.

It's not the best milkshake I've ever had by about 3 miles, but I definitely won't throw it in the trash, especially since I just spent a buck fifty on it (usually $1.99). Once I stopped eating it, there was a bit of a funky after taste that I didn't appreciate. Not a deal breaker, but definitely unnecessary (probably related to the overall watery taste of the treat).

Do I agree with Phoood's diagnosis? No, not really. It's not the best milkshake ever, but it's not total garbage either and I'm glad I tried it. Ice cream is about having fun, and attempting to shake your way to a tasty treat is something I had to try at least once. Even one of their commenters suggested the possibility that the reviewer didn't quite prepare the treat as intended. However, with all that said, if Molli Coolz wants to send over the others for testing that's fine, but other than that, I don't forsee trying the other flavors any time soon. Well, not without a B1G1 free deal anyway.

Bonus Material:  Tempted to try this treat but you need something to kill the urge? Just watch the advertisement for Shakers, it should make you sufficiently queasy and ruin your appetite.

Nutrition Facts (before Milk)

Serving Size 1 container (113g)

Amount Per Serving
Calories 250from Fat 120
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 12g18%
- Sat Fat 6g30%
- Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 35mg12%
Sodium 98mg4%
Total Carbohydrate 30g10%
- Dietary Fiber 6g24%
- Sugars 23g
Protein 3g

Vitamin A 6%Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 10%Iron 0%

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