Monday, January 26, 2009

Topping of the Week: (Real) Sprinkles!

I knew I would be back for more, and with a little more time, I tried to spice things up a bit. The only downside is the chocolate chip cookie dough is almost the same color as the whip cream, but don't worry, it's in there.

I said a long time ago, that Sprinkles should be seen, and not heard. So no more of those awful Marble Mix-in sprinkles. No no no. Now we have Cake Mate sprinkles.....WHOA! wait, that's weird. Marble Mix-ins is owned by the same company as Cake Mate, small world.... Anyway, the Cake Mate sprinkles are nice and soft, add absolutely no flavor, and are great to look at. Sprinkles are meant to be fun, plain and simple.

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