Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Edy's Girlscouts Tagalongs Frozen Dairy Dessert

I did a late night grocery run last night, though the place was still jam packed with Christmas shoppers. As always, I finished in the freezer section. I wasn't really sure what I wanted, and then I saw them. Not 1 ...not 2 ...but *3* Girl scout cookie flavored ice creams! I know I've seen Samoa before, and I think I've seen thin mint before, but I don't think I've ever seen Tagalongs flavor before. I was so excited, I wished I had a spoon!

Now, if by chance you've never had a Tagalong, well, they are very tasty (if not horribly unhealthy). If you love chocolate and peanut butter, then you've probably had one before. They are by far my favorite of all the girl scout cookies. Actually, they are pretty much one of my favorite cookies in general.

So today after lunch, it was time to review. The problem with a flavor like Tagalong is that your expectations are going to be set really high. It's unfortunate, but also unavoidable. I started scooping and noticed that strange Edy's rubbery texture. I checked the cover and my suspicions were right: "Frozen Dairy Dessert". Grrrrrrr. As a "Fun Flavor", I should have known this wouldn't be true ice cream. To bring my spirits back up, I was greeted with some very interesting streaks of peanut butter. Cool, there's still hope!

Overall, the taste is decent, and it's strong enough to make you (mostly) forget about the texture. I had several bites trying to figure out if it tastes like a Tagalong. Thing is, I'm distracted because this ice cream tastes just like a kandy kake (made by Tastykake). It's uncanny really, especially when you consider that Turkey Hill makes a kandy kake flavored ice cream. Hmmm, guess I'll just have to dig deeper in the second scoop.

On Second Scoop: Wow, still feel the same way. Texture isn't perfect, but by no means awful. Flavor is decent, not fantastic, but pretty good. So, overall, a fair rating, but don't make a special trip for it.

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