Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dubba's Galaxy Quest Ice Cream

GRRRRR, I'm angry 'cause I suck

I was really excited about this week's recipe. We have plenty of leftover Halloween candy, so I thought I really had a winner when I thought I could take a crack at making my own Milky Way ice cream. The secret to my confidence? I just bought some chocolate malt the other day, Ovaltine to be specific.

Dubba's Galaxy Quest Ice Cream Recipe
3 cups of fat free half & half
8 tbsp of Ovaltine
3/8 cup of dark brown sugar
1 chopped up (frozen) Milky Way
many squirts of Nesquik

It started off as 2 cups of half & half, and according to the directions, that meant 8 tablespoons of Ovaltine. We then dumped in the dark brown sugar and the milky way bits. We mixed it for a bit, then tried it and the malt flavor was way too strong. More half & half went in, and then into the Ice-20. Still too strong, more half & half goes in and then I started squirting in the Nesquik. Oh, the malt flavor just won't go away. I know it's too late, but I go for more Nesquik (and now I need to buy more). I really really wish I had some fresh caramel for this one.

the final result is unamusing, at least to my palette. The malt is way too powerful. I wanted to go way more mild then this. As I finished, I did start to wonder if some marshmallow would balance it out, but it was too late to mix it in. The milky way chunks are also very tiny and don't add much.

Well, there's going to have to be a sequel to this Galaxy Quest, one with a happy ending and way less Malt. I think a 1 tbsp to 1 cup of liquid might be a good starting spot. If you've never seen the real Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen and a bunch of others, check it out next time it's on TBS or one of the other channels.

On Second Scoop: Sitting in the freezer has actually mellowed the flavor a bit. I still don't like it, but it is more tolerable. It also seems to have frozen better than in the past, which can only be thanks to these funky food storage containers my wife picked up. They are made my Ball.

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