Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dubba's Red Raspberry Ice Cream

You know, there is nothing wrong with simplicity, and by george, non-fat half & half has greatly simplified my early adventures into ice cream making. Why measure half milk and half cream, I can go right for the half & half, and then they go and make it non-fat to boot! Let's see what this week brings us!

Dubba's Red Raspberry Ice Cream
2+ Cups of non-fat half & half
1/2 cup of red raspberry preserves
1/2 cup of regular sugar
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla

So, very straight forward: mixed all the ingredients together, let them chill in the fridge for a bit with the hopes the raspberry flavor would spread out evenly, and then into the Ice-20. The only adjustment I made along the way was to add a bit more half & half (regular kind). I did this in the hopes of mellowing out the cheap raspberry preserves I bought (super Walmart just doesn't have a good selection of jams and jellies). The cheap preserves also had about 3 gazillion seeds in it, but the ice cream is so soft, it's not like you have to bite down and be crunching seeds the whole time.

The other 4 times I've used the ice cream making, you can tell it's down when the motor starts working a bit harder. Well, it just kept chugging this time, the mix never really hit the hard freezing point. At this point, it doesn't matter though, it tastes like a wonderful raspberry milkshake (we do small samples when it first comes out and my daughter was so excited she asked for thirds). So, overall, good experiment, though I would recommend a higher quality raspberry filling.

On Second Scoop: Yeah, I just went back for a second helping (I just had some 3 hours ago). It still hasn't frozen quite right, almost has some kind funky foamy jello-y type consistancy, still pretty tastey though ...ok, technically I'm having trouble stopping myself. Hmmm, I'd say the consistency was from the half & half, but this didn't happen last week. The only thing different is the regular sugar instead of confectionery sugar. I really hope its not the half & half, I'd love to be able to churn out high quality non-fat ice cream. Oh well, we'll just have to see how it tastes tomorrow.

-Update: It has solidified further, though it is/did take its sweet time. The cheap preserves are 25% high fructose corn syrup, maybe that had something to do with it. Live and learn I guess, and hopefully I'll figure out what's up.

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