Thursday, July 24, 2008

To smush or not to smush...

I guess smushing relates to the bigger question, how do you eat your ice cream? I figure there are a few levels of meltedness to eat your ice cream:
  1. Right out of the container - beware of brain freeze!
  2. In a bowl - freshly scooped
  3. In a bowl - that has melted just a bit to facilitate spooning
  4. In a bowl - very melted, or smushed together, so as to be more like a milkshake
Ya know, I wonder if its a generational thing. As I've mentioned before, I'm not that old, but I did grow up in the time of very few flavors. It wasn't until my later teen years that I started seeing all kinds of fun flavors. Actually, I was in college when all the fun really started. Anyway, my point being, if you grew up with 31 flavors instead of 3, I'm guessing the urge to smush isn't really there since there is no need for it.

So, as a kid, you had to spice up your own flavors. You could either put your fixings on top, or smush them in. I even remember my mom buying me a hand held blender so I could make milkshakes whenever I wanted. Man, I loved that thing.

Anyway, nothing brings me back to my childhood addiction more than some classic All Natural Breyer's. In this case, it's their very tasty chocolate ice cream. Even now, decades later, I still can't help but let my classic Breyer's get soft and smush it into a tasty paste. If you want to be really crazy, you can always dip some fresh pretzels into the paste, mmmm, fantastic stuff.

Their Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry also takes me way back. Notice I didn't say Neapolitan, I mean, I didn't even know what Neapolitan was because Breyer's was pretty much the only thing we ate and they didn't call it by that name.

Side note: How is smush not in my Firefox spelling dictionary?

Nutrition: 140 / 60-4.5 / 1 / 2

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